Providing translations, news, and articles of Chinese coverage of Dota 2 in English since 2012.

I was Valve’s official invited translator at TI3, translating all Chinese player pre and post-match interviews. The subtitles for the Chinese team intros were also done partially by me, and I helped to coordinate things for Chinese teams at TI3 as well. I was also invited to help with Team DK at MLG Columbus 2013, and translate and help with VG and LGD at the D2L Season 4 Finals in Las Vegas.

Dotaland content includes translations of full news articles, editorials, analysis and rankings, blogs and diaries, and random online comments, fluff, etc., as well as some original reporting and information sharing. The intent is to give a window into the world of Chinese Dota2, including the good and the bad. Sentiment and opinions reflected may not be comprehensive, so take everything with a grain of salt and remember, China has millions of gamers and players of Dota! Enjoy.

Text in italics is from me and usually is a sidenote, explanation, or disclaimer.

I also occasionally help translate English pieces into Chinese for the Chinese audience — these have appeared on SGamer, ReplaysNET, 17173, and more.

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