DC’s Seattle Dota Diary #4: Marvelling at the Tongfu backlash (and an embargo against NaVi)

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Today’s entry is a bit of a filler, indeed, there has not been a lot of amazing events to come of the day for writing about.

Because I was up late last night rushing the last entry, I slept in until noon, when Zhou etc came and woke me from my slumber. After some simple communication, I came to find that my original plans to tag along on adventures outside had fallen through due to the greater group leaving earlier, so I became another of the youth left behind. After some amount of sadness at this loss of adventure had passed, a few of us embarked on our own adventure to go and find some food. DD (of LGD) surprised us at this point, showing that a few days after arriving in a faraway foreign land, he had become as good as a local: he had figured out our immediate surroundings — taking us through some small back streets until he pointed us straight to a nearby Chinese restaurant!

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DC’s Seattle Dota Diary #3: Analysis of late prelim matches (and funny backstage snips)

Original: http://dota.replays.net/page/20120830/1723116.html (written by DC, a Chinese commentator)

Original original (requires registration to view full): http://bbs.gtv.com.cn/thread-1422-1-1.html

In consecutive days, the Chinese contingent in Seattle has achieved remarkable success, resulting in dreams of glory for many and hopes of the best start in the elimination stages. This has gradually become the blueprint for Chinese success in my mind as well.

During the morning trip to breakfast, I realized if Tongfu and EHOME both win today, all 5 Chinese teams will make it into the winner’s bracket!

But as I optimistically noted this out loud, Mumu (guide) said, “DC, just yesterday you were saying that Orange has better chances in one match, and the other match, Tongfu has internal instability, how come your thoughts have changed overnight?”

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Tongfu’s manager flames Chinese commentators: Do your own job well first, don’t start rumors

Original source: http://dota2.replays.net/page/20120830/1723149.html

At Seattle’s Dota2 TI2 preliminary group stage matches, Tongfu’s performances have been less than ideal, landing them in the loser’s bracket. Especially in the do or die match against NaVi, Tongfu’s performance left viewers puzzled, and after the match some commentators’ analysis focused on delving to the root of their failure, and in doing so apparently exposed some of Tongfu’s internal problems. Today, (Chinese ex-Dota player and current commentator) DC on his personal daily Dota diary claimed that Tongfu is currently embroiled in internal strife, and that they basically are no longer in a match-ready state.

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