iG releases a ‘commemorative’ highlights video of their TI2 victory

Yeah, this is a bit of fluff. But maybe it’s a bit of interesting, useful, fluffy fluff. Because when even Dotacinema’s TI2 highlights fail to have anything of iG’s, maybe this can fill some of the void. Anyway, this is from iG’s official Youku account. Ignoring the cheesy music and effects, it’s a decent few minutes showing some of iG’s big plays from the Grand Finals of TI2.

The new week will bring more translations – Sgamer’s TI2 player evaluations, and more!

Original: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDQ4MTg2MjUy.html

Translated transcript (nothing special here):

September 3 2012, Seattle, USA – We stepped onto the grand stage carrying the hopes of our countrymen – Fight! For the glory of victory – Applause, the highest praise for Chinese e-sports – Let the 5-star flag fly high and bear witness to an unforgettable night!

Victory, the only belief – Pride and glory of the nation – An unforgettable night in Seattle – That moment when dreams became reality – A never say die mentality – Bringing cheers and applause to China – We are the most hard-working dreamers – Our name is iG

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