ACE Dota Pro-league 2012 Season 1 Grand Finals today!

The grand finals of ACE Dota 2012 season 1 is going to be at 19:00 Chinese time on Sept 14, 2012. The finalists, iG and LGD, will be playing for a prize of 200000 RMB, or roughly 30000 USD. Read on to find out more.

Want to watch? Tune in here in at 11:00 UTC/19:00 Beijing time (may need to install plugin): or


(Dotaland note: only partial translation for this, to get key relevant information out)

On September 14, 2012 at 19:00 [Beijing time], ACE Dota TV professional league 2012 season 1 Grand Finals will take place.

iG advanced to the semi-finals after placing in first in regular season matches, and in the semi-finals defeated Dt to advance to the finals. Up to now, iG’s overall record is 8 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss.

LGD advanced to the semi-finals on a third place result in regular season matches. In the next elimination stage where 4 teams advance out of 6, they defeated team to get into the other semi-final and faced TongFu. After defeating TongFu to make it into the finals, LGD’s overall record currently stands at 8 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses.

These two teams will once again step onto the stage of the ACE finals and battle it out for the championship.

With results this similar thus far, and equally star-studded lineups, it will be strategy and hero picks that are the keys to the ultimate result. Which heroes will go to these 10 legendary players in the final battle, we’ll only know after the fighting begins.

GTV will see you at 19:00 on Sept 14. Real competition creates real winners, AMD brings explosiveness to your gaming world! For live broadcasting options please visit:

Ever since starting competition, the ACE Dota TV pro league has seen widespread popularity. Pretty much every match day has fans coming from faraway lands, and tickets for the grand final sold out within 2 hours of going on sale. Because of huge demand and interest, we have decided to add an additional batch of live tickets for sale. They are first come first serve at the GTV headquarters in Beijing.

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