interviews MIK, PLU commentator


Chinese caster, vod maker, MIK answers some questions. She talks a bit about Dendi, a life of Dota, Dota2 vs Dota1, and more. (RN): Hello MIK, very glad that you could do this interview with us. Why don’t you introduce yourself a bit, surely you have many fans who want to get to know more about you.

MIK: Hello everyone, I am that lively and cheery Mik, I am also just a normal Dota player, and in the future I will certainly see everyone plenty, so I hope that you all can support me.

RN: Cheerful gals are just what everyone likes! Okay, let’s talk about your Dota and Dota2 experiences. A girl this cute must have lots to talk about in Dota experiences. (Dota, Dota2 happenings, interesting bits, etc)

MIK: I feel that, to me, Dota is very important. I remember there once was a saying, “Lonely women wear stockings, lonely men play Dota”… well what am I if I both wear stockings and play Dota?! Haha, playing Dota has let me meet a lot of friends, such as Xiaojian (caster, vod maker), such as Dendi. I’m sure many people have similar experiences, playing full pre-made games with friends having a lot of fun. In the past playing on VS, I didn’t really care about levels, didn’t really level up to get into higher ranked rooms. Instead we made countless smurf accounts to continuously beat on newbs (speaking of this, suddenly I realize how evil I was). So all along, there have been too many precious memories, and this is why I am so dedicated to Dota.

RN: “Let’s be lifelong friends, and play a life of Dota!” – this is MIK’s motto. The girl who says this phrase, by my view, must be someone who has made a lot of friends through Dota, and must have considerable love for the game. So how about MIK you give your own understanding of this phrase for us?

MIK: I’m sure this phrase reflects the hearts of many Dota players as well. Dota brings to us not only fun and excitement, or the joy of playing with a full pre-made team of friends; moreso, as a team game, it brings a type of emotion, no matter win or lose many people will have their own little teams that they go through everything with, and this is a process that is irreplaceable. So when I found that more and more players are leaving Dota, it was quite a bitter feeling. This phrase, then, is also a call to all players past and present, hopefully we all stand together with MIK, and continue our Dota beliefs.

RN: Yeah, we definitely will continue on. This is our generation’s great mission! I think, then, that MIK’s choice to do casting and vods for Dota2, Dota1’s official successor, reflects your desire for Dota to reach more people. Talk a bit about your thoughts on Dota2, what are some differences from Dota1?

MIK: Dota2 is still closed to the public here in China. So my work in doing vods is targeted towards exposing more players to Dota2, and of course the hope is that more people see it and as a result gain more interest in Dota2. At the same time, I also hope to gain some recognition and support from everyone, and this way I can create even more value.

RN: Indeed as MIK says, Dota2 is not very widespread right now, yet players have unmistakeable fervor for this legendary status sequel, and Seattle’s International has pushed this even higher. We’d like to know, how does MIK rate Dota2, and what are your thoughts on its future?

MIK: The International in Seattle, whenever it’s brought up I’m sure people will think immediately to the million-dollar prize. This time with five Chinese teams making the trip across the Pacific Ocean, it was a very heart-lifting sight to see. From the group stages to the loser and winner brackets, it let us fans thoroughly enjoy ourselves. This time in Seattle has also promoted Dota2 very well, I truly believe that Dota2 will create a huge market for itself in China. Dota2’s graphics and attention to detail are touching, and IceFrog’s has put a lot of dedication into it and has improved the game over and over for players. As a Dota player I’ve personally undergone the transition to Dota2, so my hope is that everyone also continues to patiently wait for Dota2 to go open, it will absolutely not let you all down. Today, we can only hope that all of us stay put and wait, those of you that have left we hope you sometimes come back home to visit. Here, this is real esports!

RN: Now you’re doing first person vods for Dota2, and as your contribution to Dota2 promotion, we’re sure that many players will come back home because of you! Tell us your favorite team, and your favorite player.

MIK: There isn’t a single favorite, because in my eyes, all players are really the same. Including professional players. I do have a liking for PCT (former EHOME) because he will always play with me, and not avoid me because I’m bad, and often gives me helpful tips, so I’m very thankful to him. Apart from that, NaVi’s Dendi and LightofHeaven, they’re both very friendly and warm, and in the future if there’s a chance I’d like to collaborate with them in putting out some vods.

RN: Wow! These are all big players! I’m envious and jealous! Surely with the help of these players, your vods will continue improving. We look forward to the collaboration!

MIK: Yeah, to have everyone’s recognition and support is my biggest motivation

RN: For sure! You will not lack for motivation! I remember your last Windrunner vod, MIK you said that this is your favorite hero, can you say why you like her so much?

MIK: Haha. When I first played Dota, my friends would all have me play heroes that wouldn’t die easily, such as Windrunner’s Windrun, Morphling’s Wave, Anti-mage’s Blink, and over time, I took a liking to Windrunner, and slowly gained my own understanding of her. When I first came to Dota2, to make the transition easier with a familiar model, I picked Windrunner and played her endlessly. -.- And then afterwards, playing other heroes became much easier, so Windrunner is truly my goddess.

RN: So that’s how it is. I really like Windrunner as well, when there’s time you must let me tag along and learn from you. Haha~~~ oh right, then does MIK have a boyfriend? I believe many male fans of yours will want to know the answer to this question, because you are their goddess. And also, can you reveal your ideal boyfriend… I thank you on behalf of all our fans!

MIK: This, yes. People that know me, all know that Dota is my boyfriend. Haha, so I feel that in the future if I really actually want to find a match for myself, they have to support my playing Dota, and play Dota with me. Otherwise, there’s no way, haha

RN: Alrighty! All you hungry fans, MIK’s requirements can’t be more suitable for you all! Add oil, I will wait for your wedding candy! At the last, MIK can you please say a few words to end our interview today?

MIK: Ok. “Let’s be lifelong friends, and play a life of Dota!” My heart is Dota. Add oil!

RN: Thank you to MIK for doing this interview. We wish MIK more beauty, more skill in Dota2, even better vods, and more and more fans. Everyone give your support to MIK…

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