357 and Dai leave EHOME for DK, KingJ leaves. LanM retiring? EH disbanding?

Update: KingJ has left EHOME officially as well: http://dota2.sgamer.com/news/201210/147370.html

Update 2: Officially confirmed by DK http://dota2.17173.com/news/10112012/181453885.shtml

357 and Dai join DK, LanM retiring?

Original: http://dota2.sgamer.com/news/201210/147369.html

Yesterday we reported that EHOME’s 357 and Dai had joined DK (related link here, translation below). After learning of this, a fan contacted EHOME’s LanM, and said that he couldn’t contact management at EHOME, and then revealed that he may retire:

hi, LanM. Is the news real?

Have I really been slapped in the face like this?

What news

357 and Dai both went to DK? 357 is already wearing DK tags.

Should be, not sure, I can’t contact anyone at EHOME

Then what are you gonna do, isn’t 357 screwing you over?

Might not play professional anymore

The statement of “cannot contact anyone at EHOME” is one that raises eyebrows. is EHOME really on the path to disbanding this time? During TI2 there were rumors of EHOME being sold off. Up till now, the club’s manager 71 and EHOME have yet to make any announcement, so we still need to observe the situation. Regardless, we hope that the big changes in the domestic Dota and Dota2 scene can come to a conclusion as soon as possible, and each player can find a home quickly and return to the battlefield to continue contributing exciting matches for us all!

LongDD and Zippo leave DK, replaced by Dai and 357 of EHOME

Original: http://dota.sgamer.com/201210/news-detail-151731.html

After TI2 and ACE Pro League concluded, the various teams of the Chinese Dota and Dota2 scene entered a period of rest and adjustments. The typical “there must be changes after big tournaments” expectation had everyone wondering what might come to happen and change during the period after last week’s Chinese National Day holidays.

Quite a few well known personalities made predictions and guesses, and there were many rumors and predictions involving formerly dominant team DK. And within this, there were rumors stating that 357 and Dai, who went through a big mess of drama last year to leave their team CLC to join EHOME for The International, are now intent on joining DK. In doing so, they would join forces once again with the so-called “Universe’s Number 1 Carry” BurNing; with Zippo and LongDD, who at one point helped DK to 9 championships in a period of greatness, to leave the team because of recent decline in form and performances.

Today it looks like these rumors have hit the mark — forumers have revealed that, in the Dota2 game client, it can be seen that 357’s profile shows he has put on the DK team tag. Even though Dai has yet to add the tag, it can be seen that 357 and BurNing, et al, had grouped up to matchmaking.

At the same time, it can be seen that DK’s team page only shows four players currently, respectively they are Burning, rOtk/xB, Super, and 357, with no LongDD or Zippo.

From this we can see, LongDD and Zippo have left DK, and the announcement that 357 and Dai have joined is only a matter of time.

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