EG, iG, and more to be involved in G-1 Dota2 League, qualifiers schedule announced


partial translation

iG and N9 are the 6th and 7th invites to the new G-1 Dota2 League. The remaining 3 spots will be determined from a qualifier between 8 additional teams: For.Love, NA, mD (China), DreamZ, Mineski (Philippines), Flash (Singapore), EG (USA), and SQL (New Zealand).

The qualifiers will begin at 6PM Chinese time on October 13 2012 (3AM Pacific time).

The qualifiers bracket is below, top 3 will go on to compete in the League:

The full competitor list is:

DK, LGD, TongFu, Orange, MUFC, iG, N9 plus 3 teams from the 8 qualifier teams.

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