SGamer interviews manager of newcomers VG (Vici Gaming)

Dotaland note: Let’s get to know some new faces in the Chinese scene! Vici Gaming recently defeated well-known name Noah’s Ark in the G-League 2012 S2 preliminaries to book a spot in the round of 8 held in Shanghai. Who are they… where are they from… let’s find out!


In their debut at the G-League 2012 Season 2 preliminary stages, Dota2 newcomer team VG crushed Noah’s Ark by a score of 2-0, easily advancing to the Round of 8. Afterwards, we managed to get an interview with VG team lead Fengdidi (Dotaland note: his name translated literally is “wind little brother”)

SG: Hello, very glad to have Fengdidi do this interview with us, why don’t you say hi to everyone?

Fengdidi (Fdd): Hi everyone, I am PandaPanPan (Dotaland note: another ID of his from when he was a player)

SG: First of all congratulations to VG for the victory over NA in advancing to the round of 8!

Fdd: Thank you!

SG: As for many of VG’s players, it’s fair to assume that many fans have yet to come to know. Fengdidi can you introduce to us some information about your team?

Fdd: Our team was officially formed on October 21 (of this year), though before today we hadn’t gone live with it. The team currently has training in Hangzhou’s Westlake District.

SG: Can you please introduce us to your players?

Fdd: Apart from former TyLoo player xiao7, everyone else is pretty much new to the scene. For now we have CTY playing carry, the god of war xiao7 as solo, captain Fenrir and fy as supports, Xtt as the 3. (Dotaland note: due to being new players, their English IDs aren’t as established and these may not be authoritative names)

SG: Then we must ask, with all these new players, what led you to choose them in the formation of this new team?

Fdd: In the Dota circle I’ve looked at and considered many players. Over a long period of consideration, in addition to my own personal observations, I ended up going with these five players. After coming together and training for a month, so far I’ve been pretty satisfied/

SG: Can we ask a bit about the players’ living arrangements?

Fdd: All the arrangements are pretty ideal, food and lodging are all quite ideal. Everyone has their own room. And the base is in a very nice environment.

SG: How do you arrange and set up your training? With such massive progress here, can you reveal anything for us?

Fdd: The rules I’ve set for the players is to finish eating by noon, and then begin the day’s training. If there’s no training partner then they play as a 5 man group online, so for now the results have been pretty good over the past month. The players themselves are also pretty dedicated. In addition I also regularly join them so we can play 3v3 to practice laning.

SG: We heard Fengdidi you also used to be a pro player, what has led to you becoming a team manager now?

Fdd: Last year I played with Panda for a year, and went through quite a bit. This year I spent half a year chilling at home, until my current boss contacted me saying that he wanted to form a team, so I began work on making that happen. Why I don’t play professionally anymore is because I’m comparatively noob nowadays, plus I’m old now.

SG: Talk a bit about your match against NA, what are your thoughts on how the players performed?

Fdd: Their performance was within my expectations. The team trained for a month, before that they didn’t even know how Dota2, so this entire month I’ve been with them in training, explaining things to them, so now that they’ve defeated NA, I feel that it’s all expected. Especially since NA recently hasn’t been training Dota2.

SG: Your win over NA was also within my expectations. Want to make a prediction for the match between TongFu and N9?

Fdd: As for predictions, I definitely hope TongFu can win, after all many of their players were teammates of mine in the past, and I really hope to be able to meet them in Shanghai. Plus, we stack every night to play Dota2!

SG: After defeating NA, surely other teams will begin to take notice of you and take you more seriously. What do you think of your chances of advancing to the semifinals?

Fdd: Advancing to the semifinals we’ll have to look at our performance and luck, so the specific chances aren’t something I can comfortably conclude right now!

SG: Okay, thank you Fengdidi for the interview! Let us meet again in Shanghai then. And we wish VG good results in this edition of the G-League.

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