EHOME.71 retires, leaving all to wonder about EHOME

Dotaland note: News from a few days ago.


Since TI2, EHOME has fallen apart again, with PCT leaving, 357 and Dai going to DK, KingJ backing out, and LanM saying he might retire. And in EHOME’s other sections, Warcraft 3 player ReMinD has announced he will leave gaming next year to fulfill his S.Korean military service, and the LoL team no longer exists. So it can be said that, EHOME.71 being the only one left meant that he was a general without an army.

And now, EHOME’s 71 has formally announced on his Weibo that he is leaving the esports scene, and thus EHOME is left with absolutely no one. Looking at various signs, everything hints that this once-glorious Dota juggernaut might be headed towards it demise; earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust…

One thought on “EHOME.71 retires, leaving all to wonder about EHOME

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