17173 unveiling new weekly show focused on finding new talent

Original: http://dota2.17173.com/news/02282013/193530686.shtml

With the gradual increase in professional clubs and large-scale tournaments alike, the professional scene is on the path to stability and prosperity, while the playerbase grows with each passing day. Yet one awkward problem persists between clubs and players — where to go to find new talent? How to get into playing professionally?

Clubs and managers alike exclaim that the pro scene lacks infusion of new blood, new talent. Simultaneously, there are players at very high skill levels that are interested in playing professionally, that cannot find a way to contact clubs to get a way in, so they lack opportunities to prove themselves in the scene. The vast majority of professional Dota players currently have all hailed from CDEC (China Dota Elite Community, a prime in-house league and networking group for high level Dota players, now inactive) or through the recommendations of old players. But nowadays, CDEC no longer operates, so eager players and ambitious clubs alike, as a result, are stuck in a rut of lack of communication.

In order to create a platform upon which clubs and players can get to know each other, and build understanding, and in order to to bring more high quality matches to Dota2 fans, 17173 gaming channel proudly presents the “Dota Meeting of Elites”, to air weekly at primetime.

In this show, we will invite groups of high level pub players and grassroots teams. They will undergo a series of matchmaking games to display their pub-king skills and mechanics, as well as engage in clan wars amongst each other to display their understanding, teamwork, knowledge. Of course, there will not be a lack of interactive matches involving the audience.

March 1, we will welcome the first episode of “Dota Meeting of Elites”

For this episode, the focus will not only be on renowned and widely-acknowledged player “king of the pubs” Zexbingo, but also will feature the publicly acclaimed “number one in China” pub team Ti9, running the highest level in pub strategies. (Ti9 have recently achieved top 8 in the just-ended GosuCup, only falling to the eventual runners-up, Mith)

No matter the results, our sincere hope is that this can deliver some Dota2 new blood to those clubs that need it, and that this can be a platform for those determined players to have a chance at proving themselves to the professional scene. Furthermore, we hope that we can bring exciting matches to current and potential Dota2 fans alike.

This Friday, 19:00, “Dota Meeting of Elites”, be there or be square.

17173 live pages: http://live.17173.comhttp://www.fengyunzhibo.com/group/2785-43n84q3s.htm


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