Perfect World’s Dota 2 team making moves

Dotaland note: Just a small update on what Perfect World’s been up to, and how their internal organization is shaking out in relation to the upcoming Dota 2 launch in China.


Inside sources reveal that Perfect World’s Dota 2 project team have recently moved from Shanghai back to Beijing, and are currently still in the process of building the team.

Perfect World has been hiring and recruiting for their Dota 2 team, looking for people in roles such as localization, data and player feedback management, event planning, etc. These three roles line up respectively with needs in launch prep, maintenance, and promotion. The new Dota 2 team will be placed under Perfect World’s newly created esports product center, with former Haofang (Haofang is a big third party matchmaking/multiplayer platform, like 11 or Garena) Online Services General Manager Cai Wei in charge. Additionally, inside sources claim that this newly created esports product center itself will be under the direct leadership of Perfect World CEO Robert Hong Xiao.


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