Mushi searching for a Chinese team


This has been revealed to be an April Fools’ by Kent, but nonetheless, it had our wheels churning thinking about where Mushi might go if he were to move to China…

No huge news post or anything, just a tidbit about Mushi…

In a post on weibo (t.qq), Chinese commentator Kent revealed that Mushi wants to move to China to play, and if any team is interested, to please contact him. What does this mean for Orange? Will a Chinese team in need of a flashy and obviously talented solo mid player pick Mushi up?

3 thoughts on “Mushi searching for a Chinese team

  1. I hope DK can pick him up. Recently Dk’s performance have been really poor. He could add some flare to the line up. hmmm I am not sure if that is what DK needs -_-

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