Dota 2 Chinese client download now available

The official Chinese Dota 2 site now has a page up, offering downloads of the Chinese Dota 2 client, along with instructions on how to activate via limited availability beta keys. Those lucky Chinese gamers who have so far gotten beta keys will be able to download and get to playing very soon, as April 28, the announced date of the Chinese Dota 2 beta launch, is less than 5 hours away in the Chinese time zone.

Also of interest, the client has a feature allowing players with existing Steam accounts to link their existing Steam account to the new Chinese client, which we assume is to allow them to continue using their cosmetic items and perhaps even transfer stats, friends list, and other account details over.


8 thoughts on “Dota 2 Chinese client download now available

  1. Why don’t you make a post about what happened after the launch? Invites are being sold on taobao, players appear to be only able to play on perfect world servers which are separate from other dota 2 servers, and there appears to be a lot of unhappy people in the forum.

    • Every limited beta has these kinds of problems… bugs, people re-selling codes, etc. I’m just not sure exactly how newsworthy it is with what I’ve seen so far. Some of the problems suck, yeah, but it’s expected of an early beta.

      I am trying to figure out where some of the Taobao sellers are getting so many codes at once, I’ve seen some that have sold hundreds of codes, which seems excessive and suggests to me that they have inside connections… Of course, it could be the good old-fashioned bots trawling for giveaways, using tons of throwaway accounts increase chances, so unless I do find solid leads on that, everything is just speculation and also not quite newsworthy…

      • Hey, im studying in hz right now and i heard dota 2 servers are up in china now…i updated my dota and choose china as server then i tery to find a game and find it….so far no problem, but then the games never found a server today….is it just, that very few servers are up or is something wrong with my dota client?

        • The Steam Chinese server is not the same as the Perfect World Chinese server. The Steam Chinese server has always been bad. The Perfect World Chinese server is much better, beta just started, and you can sign up for an invite at

      • No, right now the Chinese Dota 2 beta, provided by Chinese game company Perfect World, is in closed beta phase, and will require a Perfect World beta key. These are hard to come by at the moment. In the near future, they plan on opening the beta, and then going free to play for everyone.

        • So I just have to wait for the near future? I’m currently live in China, so I can’t play my dota 2 via steam. Is there any other way or the only way is just wait until the dota 2 China opening beta?

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