Perfect World’s Dota 2 Super League start date and groups revealed

The groups were determined by way of a draw, and are as below:

Group A: iG,, Vici Gaming, TongFu, For.Love
Group B: DK,, Orange, RattleSnake, RisingStars

The matches will begin on May 10 at 19:00 China time, with VG vs

The rest of the schedule for the regular season of the league is below (all in Chinese time):

May 16: 20:00–23:00:A- TongFu vs Invictus GAMING
May 17: 20:00–23:00:A- ForLove vs LGD GAMING CN
May 18: 14:00–18:00:A- VICI GAMING vs ForLove
May 18: 20:00–23:00:A-LGD GAMING CN vs TongFu

May 23: 20:00–23:00:A- Invictus GAMING vs LGD GAMING CN
May 24: 20:00–23:00:B- NeoEs.Orange vs LGD GAMING INT
May 25: 14:00–18:00:B- LGD GAMING INT vs TEAM DK
May 25: 20:00–23:00:A- Invictus GAMING vs ForLove
May 30: 20:00–23:00:A- TongFu vs ForLove
May 31: 20:00–23:00:A- Invictus GAMING vs VICI GAMING
June 1: 14:00–18:00:A- VICI GAMING vs TongFu
June 1: 20:00–23:00:B- Rattle Snake vs Rstars Gaming
June 6: 20:00–23:00:B- TEAM DK vs Rstars Gaming
June 7: 20:00–23:00:B- LGD GAMING INT vs Rattle Snake
June 8: 14:00–18:00:B- NeoEs.Orange vs Rstars Gaming
June 8: 20:00–23:00:B- TEAM DK vs Rattle Snake
June 13: 20:00–23:00:B- NeoEs.Orange vs Rattle Snake
June 14: 20:00–23:00:B- Rstars Gaming vs LGD GAMING INT
June 15: 20:00–23:00:B- TEAM DK vs NeoEs.Orange

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