LGD offering one (Chinese) fan a chance to accompany them to TI3

This year, LGD is offering fans the chance to submit entries in a bid to be chosen as the one lucky fan who will travel with their squad(s) to Seattle later this summer and accompany the team as they compete at TI3. All expenditures, including airfare and accommodations in Seattle, will be covered for the lucky winner. In addition, a number of other fans will also win secondary prizes varying in impressiveness. Sadly for international fans, this event is for Chinese citizens only. If you meet this requirement, the details for entering are below. For everyone else, let us welcome our Chinese visitors to Seattle in the summer, and celebrate the fact that LGD Gaming is giving a Chinese fan the chance to come all the way across the Pacific Ocean to the year’s greatest event!

Send email to lgdgaming@vpgame.cc with your personal details (such as name, age, contact info, address) in a way that describes your “Heart’s path as an LGD fan”, the email’s subject line being 【TI3之路】. There is no word limit, but originality will be required. The deadline for submissions is May 31 at 21:00 Beijing time.

From the entries, LGD will choose a selection of high quality submissions, and put them up for an open vote, to take place between June 1 to 5. The winner here will be invited to meet LGD face to face, where details will be fleshed out. First prize is a full paid trip to TI3, autographed team spring and summer uniforms, LGD memorabilia, as well as the chance to get a taste of the food and LGD hot sauce provided at the LGD team house! Second place gets a full set of Razer gear, plus an autographed summer team uniform. Third place will receive RAM provided by Kingston HyperX, and fourth through tenth place receive LGD memorabilia, badges, keychains, posters, etc.

Additional details: http://dota2.replays.net/news/page/20130515/1810116.html

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