A friend of VG.fy’s lets us all know a bit more about the player…

Originally a post on Dota 2 Tieba, a friend of VG.fy’s tells us a bit more about this promising player, playing for the up and coming team VG.

Let’s start from when fy first started playing Dota.

VG.fy’s Haofang (Dotaland note: Haofang is a matchmaking platform like 11 or Garena) ID was Baixiao|dcfdcc, with a bunch of color codes on the end.

Before Haofang changed their points system on accounts, he was number one on the platform, and it was an uncontestable number one. That was before Faith had become as well-known on Haofang as fy was at the time.

I personally occasionally came across fy in top lobbies on Haofang. At that time in the top lobbies, strong players for some reason all had ‘sunset’ in their IDs, at one point I joined a room with him in it, assuming that his high points on his ID had been spammed illegitimately as so many others had done. I joined and the game started, I was on the other side.

He picked Shadow Fiend, his teammates were Sven, Crystal Maiden, Windrunner, and was it Naix or Bounty Hunter? My team, I really can’t recall clearly anymore, but regardless, in this game fy’s teammates lost two lanes hard, but his Shadow Fiend mid crushed our mid, and he singlehandedly kept his side in the game. His Shadow Fiend was all kinds of skillful, as he nimbly kept lanes pushed out and gave his teammates time to get some farm. In that time period, he achieved a quad-kill while abusing vision in the trees. After the game ended, after my team’s huge advantage had been overturned at the hands of one Shadow Fiend, I was in awe at the skill of this player with the ID of Baixiao, later to be known as fy.

After the 11 platform went open, he no longer wished to stay on Haofang, saying that it lacked room for improvement, so he moved over to 11 with some friends and made it to the top 50. Sometimes facing the likes of YYF and ChuaN, he would joke that he was about to get stomped; he was always a bit introverted — a very quiet person, he never flamed anyone while playing Dota.

He doesn’t get big-headed after beating a few nobodies, he never talks trash. He tends to be down to earth, preferring to stay home in a corner and play Dota with his girlfriend over anything else.

Fy truly is a great Dotaer. He’s humble, and he really has huge talent. Upon finishing school in 2012, with no idea what to do, perhaps he wanted to try something else. I had feared that he would thus stop playing Dota, or something like that. But on QQ one day he told me, he was with a team called AgFox, he wanted to give it a try, challenge himself, all for his dreams.

He’s a good person, always joking, quite a funny player really.

Original: http://dota2.replays.net/news/page/20130517/1811527.html

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