More details on the Chinese National Esports Tournament

Last week, it was reported on Chinese national news that Dota 2 would be part of an upcoming Chinese nation-wide esports tournament. Now we have more details emerging…

The announced nation-wide esports tournament will be held by Zhejiang Daily Newspaper in conjunction with renowned esports broadcaster and media company Gamefy. There will be events held later this year as well as an all-new league to begin next year. For the events to be held this year, online regional qualifiers will begin by the end of June, and there will be post-season offline finals.

Amongst all this news, the fact that everything will be simulcast live across various digital platforms — including negotiations for live feeds to broadcast television, as well as official Chinese Administration of Sport support (with further details of national team selection to come later on), are highlights so far. Specifically, it has been revealed that next year’s league format competition will occur under the patronage of the Administration of Sport, with the goal to build grassroots structures in regional sporting agencies as well.

It would seem that Dota 2, being the headline game in all this, has unprecedented governmental support in China…


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