ECL 2013 info and details

Even though the ECL 2013 doesn’t have the biggest prize pool, and may feel overshadowed by the recently-ended Alienware Cup and Perfect World’s own DSL, this ECL is still an important one, because it is officially supported by the Chinese government. The entirety of the competition will be played offline in Beijing at the official Esports Stadium over the period of 5 days, so this is bound to be a high quality competition!

Prize pool: 1st place 100k RMB, 2nd place 20k, 3rd place 10k

Background info: The ECL 2013 is sponsored by RedBull and QPAD, and is a tier 1 esports event supported officially by the Chinese government’s Esports Development Center. The venue is in Beijing, China, at the Shijingshan Esports Stadium.

Participating teams:
Group A: iG,, VG, Royal, Orange, MuXi
Group B: DK,, XPY (former 90016), TongFu, RattleSnake, RisingStars

Official Chinese stream page:

Official website:

Solo tournament voting:

This solo tournament will have a prize pool of 10,000 RMB (roughly 1630 USD)


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