ECL Solo tourney details

Dates: July 13 – 14

Prize: 10,000 RMB (~1629 USD)

Rules: The top eight vote receivers in the open solo voting will be seeded from 1 through 8. 1 will face 8, 2 will face 7, and so on. The tournament will be a best of three set in a single elimination bracket, solo mid. First to three kills or two towers decides the game (denying a tower does NOT affect the score in any way), first to two wins in a best of three format.

The first game will be Shadow Fiend versus Shadow Fiend. Referee chooses a number and the two players pick a number, the closest number to the referee’s will get to decide whether they want Radiant or Dire. Games two and three will allow usage of any hero. Second game allows for the victor of the first game to ban a hero first, the third game’s ban order will be the reverse of the second game. Bans will be two for each side, alternating. Bans will be given thirty seconds of time each, with an additional 10 seconds of added time. Pick will also get thirty seconds, where going over means the player will get a random hero.

No runes, no jungling, no bottle crowing, no backdooring, no Soul Ring, no abusing creep AI with hero abilities (ie getting creeps stuck, pulling creeps far off lane, etc. Cutting creeps before tower is allowed) — any breakage of these rules will result in automatic loss.

In the case of a 2-2 draw and the third kill breaking out nearly simultaneously, the one that first displays on screen will be awarded the kill and win.

Bracket (should be VG.ZSMJ vs VG.Fy in the first bracket):


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