Easy come, easy go: Royal Club Dota 2 is no more

Long story short, Royal Club’s Dota 2 squad, which was picked up less than two months ago, is no more. The Dota 2 manager made a statement thanking Royal Club, but questioned the timing of the decision, stating that it came too quickly, and that their players are good players with good potential, and merely need more time. As such, the team is looking for sponsors once again, and it was mentioned that they really thirst for an opportunity to truly prove themselves.

Royal Club’s manager, Fantasy, said that the decision was made because they could not see a future for Dota 2 as a game, and that it had nothing to do with the team itself. Either way, apparently ECL 2013 was the event in which the new Dota 2 club was expected to achieve results in, and their lack of results there sealed the decision. However, the club’s statement that they “don’t have hope for Dota 2 as a game” is a questionable one. This much is clear, though: Royal Club’s priorities lie elsewhere, at least for now, and their brief fling with the players — Hanci, 5400, xiaosi, yim, and SN — comprising the team is now at an end.

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