Dotaland at TI3

Hey everyone, I’ve been sitting on this for over a month now, but I (AutumnWindz) will be at TI3 group stages as well as the main event for some translation goodness (hopefully it’ll be good, anyway). Main things to expect are pre and post-game interviews with Chinese players and teams, as well as an as-yet undetermined amount of potential fun and candid stuff with players and fans alike during the event. The latter may or may not be in collaboration with a certain few other Valve-invited Dota 2 personalities. Exciting, no?

Follow @Dotaland on Twitter and Dotaland on Youtube — if I have any of my own stuff that I find worthy, that’s where it’ll be updated. I plan on at least keeping the Twitter feed active with photos, quotes, and other snippets. For everything else, I’ll be working with Valve and other Valve-invited translators and interviewers to bring all sorts of cool new stuff, and all of that will be up on Valve’s streams and content avenues.

Stay tuned and get ready for TI3! Thank you to all those who support Dotaland, whether in terms of reading content here, or sharing links on reddit and other forums. And speacial thank yous to Valve, IceFrog, and HippoVic for the faith placed in me in inviting me for this role, as well as Mali, Helen, and 17173 for their support and friendship along the way. I hope to do my best.

If you see me and want to say hi, I’ll be the Asian dude with long hair and glasses.

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