DK player responses to the big changes…

Just some quick translations of responses from DK’s Dai, 357, Super, and rOtk in the midst of one of the biggest shakeups in recent Chinese Dota 2… Everyone seems a bit surprised, and a bit sad…


” 😦 Our 4-man mahjong team has no more mahjong to play!!” (DK’s 4 non-BurNIng players were said to be a mahjong group, because they just hang out while BurNIng farms in games)

zhou’s response: “No more mahjong in the future, add oil.”
Dai: “Ok.”


“Do I retire or not!?”


“My chance at fighting another year has even gone away” (Super had said, after TI3, that he had decided to fight for another year)

Dai’s response: “It’s time to switch careers!”
Super: “Makes sense!”

Super 2:

“Thank you for everyone’s concern, I will definitely play for another year.” (even if it isn’t with DK…)

rOtk: onetwo

rOtk, as the first to speak, and as a typically outspoken character, has had the most to say, and his statements are worth a read.

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