Mushi interview: Mushi talks Orange, MLG, DK

In this interview with, Mushi is asked about Orange, his joining of DK, and thoughts on DK’s participation at the upcoming and highly hyped MLG in November.

U9: Hello Mushi, thank you for doing this interview with Previously at TI3, Orange achieved a relatively successful result, so what made you decide to leave your old teammates and come to China?
Mushi: Prior to TI3 I’d already thought about moving to China to compete, but before that could happen I needed to complete my journey with Orange at TI3.

U9: What changes has joining DK brought for you on an individual level?
Mushi: This is a very hard working team, every day it’s laning practice, or replay analysis. Competition is fierce nowadays, so we must do our best.

U9: Your old teammates at Orange have now joined new organization Titan, and the new organization is providing much improved terms of contract. Anything you’d like to say to your old teammates now?
Mushi: I hope they can participate in many events, and bring more excitement to viewers and fans. And win lots too 😛

U9: Let’s talk about your new teammates, one sentence to describe each of them?
Mushi: It’s only been a month for me, let’s leave the juicy reveals for a later date.

U9: Which of your DK teammates have been the most different from what your expectations?
Mushi: They’re all largely as I’d imagined them to be.

U9: Have you been able to get used to life in China? Because of WPC-ACE, your team will be in Shanghai for a long period of time, what kinds of things do you guys like doing outside of practice and matches?
Mushi: Apart from the food, I’ve been fine with everything else. Outside of practice and matches, I haven’t had much else I really liked doing. Mostly spend my time chatting with friends and fans, that’s about it~

U9: Older versions of Mushi have been known to be rather rash in decision-making, sometimes resulting in mistakes. As a result, some Chinese fans had labeled you in the past as “our international friend” (due to Mushi throwing games against Chinese teams). Yet, your improvements this year have been noticed by all, so what is it that has enabled you to make this change?
Mushi: Never stop learning, and always maintain calm.

U9: Following TI3, Chinese teams have all made adjustments. Currently, who do you think will be DK’s biggest rivals?
Mushi: If we perform well, we can defeat anyone. If we don’t perform well, then anyone can defeat us. Haha~

U9: “Such a chaotic scene” at one point was the unofficial label for the Chinese scene, what are your thoughts on this?
Mushi: Every team and every scene is a mess behind the curtains, it’s just that people don’t hear about it. It’s all within the norm.

U9: To join the Chinese scene and come to China to compete, what are your goals and requirements for yourself?
Mushi: Learn the good things, avoid the bad things. Work hard in practice, win lots of events.

U9: Foreign sites have revealed that originally WPC-ACE would restrict teams from partaking in other events. DK’s participation at MLG must’ve come as a result of lots of work, can you confirm?
Mushi: Ehm, I don’t really know about this. After joining DK, I’ve only focused on doing my job as a player.

U9: What are your goals for MLG?
Mushi: My personal goals are to win everything that is winnable, and if it is not winnable, then to learn and grow from competing against other foreign players there.

U9: DK will be the only team from China at MLG, what was it that brought you guys to participate in this event?
Mushi: Because there will be all the other strong Western teams present there.

U9: How has the teamwork and communication been at DK so far? What are things you guys still need to work on?
Mushi: It’s gone decently, but there’s still plenty to improve. Hard to speak about more details.

U9: Who is captain for DK right now? Who does the drafts? If there are disagreements, whose word helps most?
Mushi: BurNIng is captain, we all draft together, and if there are disagreements we discuss it together in order to get on the same page.

U9: Thank you Mushi for doing this interview with We hope that you can achieve great results with DK. Any words for fans?
Mushi: Thank you UUU9, and thank you to all those who support me for all the motivation that you’ve given me.


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One thought on “Mushi interview: Mushi talks Orange, MLG, DK

  1. great job DK so far. always been a fan of these players (also LaNm and mmy) see them all together is like a dream came true! but also ALOT of pressure for them from the outside. hope they do well and win the big ones

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