Dotaland at MLG Columbus 2013

Just a short post to say that Dotaland (ie, me – AutumnWindz) will be at MLG. Translatin’ and stuff. Should be a lot of fun! If you’re gonna be there, say hi!

Be sure to check out MLG Columbus and its 100k USD and growing prizepool starting Thursday at

6 thoughts on “Dotaland at MLG Columbus 2013

  1. Hi, would there be any photos you can share with us?:D
    sadly my favorite team can’t even make it into semi-final, so lost interests to all the matches. But I’m so glad to see DK did so well at MLG! I personally think their performance is quite respectable when they have to deal with two rapiers

      • uh…don’t meant to get you into troubles. Just glad to hear you going to MLG, and thought I might lucky to find interesting pictures and stories here. Cause some players would share their own pictures during big events and some don’t. Well, thanks for the pictures on twitter, they are good enough for me.

        • No problem, I was just explaining why I personally don’t have a lot of pictures. It’s just a little weird thing about how I do things, I guess. Glad you liked the pictures on Twitter. 🙂

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