DK.BurNIng post-MLG interview

Q: Thank you B-God for accepting our interview, go ahead and say hi to everyone~
Hello everyone, I am Team DK’s BurNIng.

Q: You’ve just gotten back from your trip to the US in the past few days, how have you adjusted?
We had a two day break after, and now have mostly adjusted back physically and timezone-wise.

Q: Yesterday was Mushi’s birthday, but he was back in Malaysia. When will he be back with the team? Do you guys have any plans to celebrate his birthday as well?
He’ll be back with the team in two days. As for celebrating, since he’s away there’s no physical way to celebrate together, we can only send him birthday wishes on Weibo, and then have a birthday meal together once he’s back.

Q: Let’s chat about MLG — You guys advanced from group stages as the top seed, but sadly lost in the finals to Speed. What were the main reasons for the loss? Was the biggest issue stamina?
This time at MLG, our form never managed to get past the jet lag, and we only slept 3-4 hours every day. There was also a lot of getting-used-to with the food, so our overall stamina was very poor. Normally for us, playing three BO3s in a day isn’t a problem. As for our mentality, in the finals we were indeed less focused than during the match against NaVi, and this was also connected to stamina. Communication was poor, drafts weren’t done well, and we hadn’t done much analysis of Speed as a team.

Q: In the end, you sent out a post on Weibo, sighing that “Champion is not in your fate”. Why is it that you posted that? Was it because you were completely exhausted physically and mentally by then?
This should be the closest I’ve been to a title in recent times. It’s been two years, lots of events, but never any titles, so it’s hard to avoid expressing some negativity, I guess.

Q: Then, for you, what were the biggest takeaways from this MLG?
 For me I think it is in terms of mentality — previously I had given myself so much pressure, it was exhausting. Honestly it’s just that saying, “As long as you’re happy”, I won’t ask too much of myself in striving for champions, as long as I can play to my best and leave no regrets, then that’s okay.

Q: Okay, let’s talk about the Sina Cup then. One thing everyone is rather interested in is your team’s drafting. After Mushi stepped down from the duties, who is it that drafts for the team now?
I do the drafts recently.

Q: It is likely that your team will face VG in the second round here. Speaking of VG, your team has rarely won against VG’s Pugna, have you gone and looked at ways to counter their Pugna strategy?
Our analysis probably isn’t in-depth enough, our counters for it only sometimes work, sometimes don’t work, so we probably still need much more practice in order to deal with Pugna.

Q: In games where your team chooses Pugna, your results have been mixed as well. Is it a lack of practice with this? Or is it just some detail that is missing?
Not enough practice, and we’ve not been able to get comfortable with pushing lineups so far. This has a lot to do with the details and execution.

Q: The prize pool for this iteration of the Sina Cup is quite high, and the event schedule is pretty condensed, B-God what are your thoughts on the tournament?
A very good online tournament, I hope it can continue on.

Q: A question about iceiceice — In an interview he complained that he has no one to go to the movies with, as well as the fact that training every day is dry and boring, have you considered adding some programming to your team’s daily life to appease iceiceice?
I somehow don’t recall him talking about going to the movies, but I do agree that we are lacking activities outside of training, so this is something that we will improve on in the future.

Q: Another question that lots of fans are curious about: who is the strongest solo player in the team?
Iceiceice and Mushi. Depends on the hero.

Q: Thank you B-God for the interview. The floor is yours to say anything to your fans~
I sincerely thank all the fans that have supported us all along. And thank you to our sponsors Ttesports.


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