RisingStars closure due to financial loss

The last paragraph in RisingStars’ story: the Dota 2 ACE weibo announced yesterday that RStars has officially left the ACE Alliance. The club’s closure was described as being due to running at a financial loss for the entire lifespan of the project. At the end, according to the Dota ACE Alliance, the club satisfactorily paid all fees, salaries, and bonuses due to its players, and paid an additional month’s salary as well. As of now, the club is no longer part of the Dota 2 ACE Alliance (and we would assume, no longer actively operating).

Since RisingStars has seen poor performances all around in the post-TI3 Dota 2 landscape, it’s no surprise that the investment in the team never paid off for the investor(s), and the club was running at a long-term loss.

Dotaland note: Even though RStars’ demise is unfortunate, its owner and founder was a young (and probably well-off) Dota fan that only meant the best. Kudos must be given regarding how the closure of the club was handled with respect to following regulations and settling contracts.

Source: http://t.qq.com/p/t/317791091612271

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