Famed/funny Chinese quotes and their origins

This should be a fun little bit on some Chinese Dota memes and inside jokes. Not all-encompassing or particularly politically correct, but fun.

1. “Who do I pull! Tell me! Who!”

Originates from the Taunt King, rOtK.

In a match, xB/rOtK was on his favored Batrider, and was confidently taunting and shouting this. And then… he grabbed a creep, and the whole world looked on in awe.

2. “Give me Spectre, if I lose then I’ll chop my hand off!”

From Hao, when he had first broken into the scene for not long. As the saying goes, a young calf does not fear even a fearsome tiger, and so against a strong opponent, Hao confidently requested his team pick Spectre for him. From then on, “Chop hand Hao” was born.

3. “Just that, sometimes when we lose, I feel like my teammates aren’t strong enough.”

A certain Xu Zhilei, or BurNIng. With the recent game version changes, as well as DK’s “1 kick 4 drama” in their big post-TI3 roster change, accompanied by some fluctuating performances from BurNIng himself, some people brought this quote up again, and used it to suggest certain things about BurNIng. The quote itself originated from a G-1 League some time ago.

In actuality, after the quote he went on and said, “But still, Dota is a 5 person team game…” So of course, losses should be the responsibility of everyone. This shows the power of taking part of a quote, out of context.

4. “You’re like a farmer/peasant!”

Shouted Zhou at a certain offline event a while back. This was directed at none other than xB/rOtK, who of course had been busy, and loud, shouting and taunting throughout. Zhou, frustrated, resorted to this retort — one which must have angered all the hardworking farmers in China. In the end, his retort did not affect rOtK, and ultimately led to Zhou being given the “Farmer Zhou” nickname.


5. “I really feel bad for Sansheng!”

Right after Zhou’s farmer response, rOtK comes back with this. It is in reference to the fact that just prior to this event, Zhou and his new team, iG, had decided that Sansheng was surplus to requirements. “I really feel bad for Sansheng! Sansheng, is this nice or is it nice??” and in the audience, a chorus of “nice!!” sounded in response, officially marking Zhou’s taunting as a failure in the face of rOtK. (rOtK trash talking the fact that iG was losing and had kicked Sansheng, perhaps Sansheng still deserved to be on the team)

6. “Come to Dota 1 and see if I don’t beat you till you cry?”

The famed words of a largely unknown player, NL_KS, a high level pub player and occasional semi-competitive participant. At the time part of a team called Greedy. Due to coming to Dota 2 relatively late, they were on the losing end of a lopsided bloodbath, and viewers were mercilessly making fun of their performance. Our NL_KS couldn’t stop himself any longer and sent this message out in-game, storming his way into the ranks of eternal infamy.

7. “I’m sorry, this competition I have to win.”

From 2009. In a solo mid competition some years ago, the finals was 2009 versus LongDD. Upon 2009’s Alchemist getting a courier kill in the river, he confidently typed out this message. Of course, in the end he did in fact win.

8. “I wasn’t even the most noob!”

Once again, words from rOtK. In this year’s big DK roster change, everyone except BurNIng was slated to be replaced. RotK, as the offlaner, had long been described by fans as a feeder and a weak link. In a subsequent interview, rOtK, unable to accept his new reality, gave us this quote.

9. “I’m not a fucking dumbass, I personally took her to the plane!”

From PIS in a fairly recent incident revolving around a girlfriend of his. Rumors were that she had gone off to cheat on him in another city, so he responded with this quote in a YY stream, showing us all that he is a real man and knows what is going on around him. Unfortunately, in the face of more evidence, a mere two hours later he was back on his YY stream saying that, “yes indeed, the rumors are true, I’ve been played, let’s leave it at that my friends”.

10. “We gave this competition away for free!”

Once again from rOtK (dude you’re all over this thing). RotK had just come to VG, playing his same offlane role. Tutu was the carry at the time, and hadn’t been playing well, but was showing signs of improvement. VG was playing stronger and stronger, but still, Tutu was under pressure of family illness as well as the threat of being replaced, and VG ended up losing in the NEST. Afterwards, rOtK felt that it was because of Tutu’s various issues that caused this loss. And thus, fans nowadays will say “We gave this away for free” whenever VG loses.

11. “You can’t let Haitao Tread Switch.”

Originates from Haitao, famous Dota caster, personality, and maker of guides and VODs. The legend goes that Haitao, once he gets Treads, the game is over, you lost. He once killed a Centaur with 6 Hearts only by Tread switching on his CM. His APM goes over 600 with Treads. In actuality the quote came about because he often talks about how Tread switching has many versatile uses, and he goes on and on about how Treads are great if you can switch them properly, as if Tread switching is the key to being a great player. While it may be important, his fans seized upon this to poke fun at a generally well-loved personality.

12. “We will never 20 minute GG.”

Words from Zhou. In an interview where he was asked about the differences between Dota and LoL, Zhou’s brain short circuited, and, delivered with a small smile, this was the best he could come up with. The tragedy is, in immediately following matches, Zhou’s iG ended up GGing in 16 minutes, and thus this quote became one that Zhou cannot escape. In reality, Zhou later clarified that the quote was one that he was instructed to say by the organization for promotional purposes… but at this point, who cares?

13. “Shadowfiend doesn’t suit this version anymore.”

Says Danche, or Nekomata, famed retired pro player and current Gamefy commentator. In a game against forum fans, the opposing mid player picked SF. After some thought, Nekomata picked Huskar, his favorite, and uttered the words, “I want to prove that Shadowfiend is no longer suited to this version.” The result was that before he hit level 6, he had already been dismantled, with a 0-5 stat line. “How could that Raze have hit me?” “It’s okay, I am not the kind of player that completely falls apart for the rest of the game!” And then he continued dying, and continued writing this page of his legend.

Next to him, fellow commentator BBC quipped, “It looks like Shadowfiend is still pretty suitable for this version.” From then on, Huskar became closely connected with Nekomata!

14. “Apart from B-God, all the other carries are about the same”

These words of praise came from LGD’s xiao8 during a WPC-ACE interview. This was not only a shoutout to BurNIng, placing him as the benchmark for carry play, it was also a confirmation of LGD’s ability, suggesting that no matter what carry comes, LGD is good enough to perform at the top level with the player. However… due to some inconsistent play in recent months, some fans took this quote and twisted it to mean that all the other carries are about the same, and BurNIng is the lower standard…

15. “I am wargod 7, I will trade you one for one!”

From War God 7, AKA sydm, the coach. In his cameo appearances as a pro player with teams this year, just as his Chinese ID suggests, he often gets tunnel vision. As a solo mid player, he is often seen jumping into 1v3, 1v4 fights (of course he loses them). And he especially seems to love going for trades with opposing supports. Maybe he just can’t stand anyone that tries to provoke him. So he goes in and trades himself for one of the other team, any one! His skill is there for everyone to see, and we hope that everyone can continue supporting him on his endeavors in the scene, and support an aggressive, talented player!

16. “Kill kill kill! Help help help! Oh fuck!”

Inactive pro player ZippO, active streamer. Good oldtimer, former 5 position for DK, BurNIng’s babysitter.

Imagine this scenario: ZippO is charging into the opposing side, shouting “Kill kill kill!” but then finds that he is not BurNIng and cannot 1v9. Almost dead, a panicked ZippO starts shouting “Help help help!” instead, and his teammates, seeing that he has gone into feed mode, fail to heed his cries, leaving him to sigh “Oh fuck!”

17. “Our pork balls contain beef product!”

From 2009. Having made it in the pro scene, the intelligent 2009 started his own web shops, one of which sells snacks and food products. Sharp-eyed fans, however, spotted that his Beef balls were not in fact made with beef, and actually were mainly pork. 2009, in response, replied with this.

18. “I only ask, are you satisfied?”

rOtk. In an offline match between DK and TongFu, no sound barriers, full taunt and shout environment.
“Feed! Feed! Feed! Do you even know how to play!”
“Kill me! Kill me! I’ll eat you in two bites!”
“I only ask, are you satisfied?”
“Had enough or not!?”

Poor banana and Hao had never seen such a sight before, and must’ve been scared silly…

19. “They play as if they could win!”

longDD on his YY stream. During his streams, he often runs into all kinds of adversaries and foes. These opponents, every game, come at him trying to take him down! But our longDD is, after all, someone with mafia connections, a certified badass, and in the end these kids all end up losing to him. Chewing on his betel nut, sipping on his soup, he lightly utters this, fully showing how insignificant they are to him.

20. “Fen shou kuai le, Zhao jie shi wo de le”

From Dendi, meaning “Enjoy your breakup, Zhao Jie is mine now.” Upon winning a game against LGD, Dendi says this in front of tens of thousands of viewers. At the time, Zhao Jie was still xiao8’s girlfriend, though things were unstable and were heading towards breakup. Xiao8 writes back, “Sha bi!”, or “Dumb cunt!”. Afterwards, Dendi apologized, saying that someone else had taught him this to say, and he had no idea what it meant. As for who taught him? Some said it was Zhao Jie herself, others said it was Ferrari_430’s former girlfriend, but who was it really? Just laugh a bit and move on~

21. “At most it’s 50/50”

LongDD, once asked in a cast by Sansheng, to give his thoughts on the game at hand. At the time the score was 26-3.

Source: http://dota2.uuu9.com/201312/459383.shtml

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