WPC-ACE 2013 post-Finals interview with Team DK

After their remarkable comeback victory in the 2013 WPC-ACE League, taking the 1 million RMB (165k USD) top prize, Team DK were interviewed collectively. Some insightful answers, some jokes and laughter; this is DK after winning their first major Dota 2 title.

Video source: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNjU2MjA1NzE2.html

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5 thoughts on “WPC-ACE 2013 post-Finals interview with Team DK

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  2. Can you translate MMY’s song too?

    Great work as always!
    The whole team looks so happy together, especially with iceiceice cracking jokes all the time.

    • Yeah, from my time with them at MLG, I did get the feeling that this DK team can be something special.

      As for MMY’s song, I’ll see if I get some time in the next few days. It’s hard for me to ignore a request. 😛 In the time being, this Google translate of the lyrics sucks, but it’s something…

      • Chinese transcription provided by brainagogo on Dota2 reddit
        Manual Translation by rubberbands

        [0.30] 初次见你 腼腆的 低着头不语 只记得 面对屏幕的背影 一转眼 你 怎么会 突然变凌厉 眼神里 好坚定

        [0.30] The first time I saw you / your head was shyly lowered in silence
        I only remember / but a silhouette facing the screen (i.e. monitor)
        In a blink / I see you clearly / your eyes are resolute

        [0.55] 突然就这样记得你 灿烂如天际 那些年 瘦瘦的你 灵动充满活力 两个世界不同的你 都如此美丽 曾经 我们都 年轻

        [0.55] Suddenly I recall how / your vibrancy stretched the horizon / Those years with the skinny you / and your spirit filled with energy
        The two of you in two different worlds / are both beautiful /
        And we were both once young

        [2.00] 再次见你 你已经 被称作武器 我知道 你只是喜欢胜利 单纯的 想 愉快的 享受游戏 滚一滚 就开心

        [2.00] Seeing you again / you have / become known as a weapon / I know, you only love victory/ purely and innocently, you only want to happily enjoy the game/ a few rounds and you’re happy

        [2.25] 突然很想要嘲笑你 注定的宿命 那些年 滚来滚去 却滚胖了自己 两个体形不同的你 都如此美丽 我们 却不再 年轻

        [2.25] Suddenly I want to mock you / for your chosen path / those years have rolled over / yet you have rolled fat onto yourself /
        The two different figures of you / are both beautiful/ but we are no longer young

        [3.18] 以后见你 是不是 只有靠回忆 会不会 再哼唱这首歌曲 难忘记 你 眼神里 跳动的灵气 这年轻 要珍惜

        [3.18] When I see you in the future / Must I only rely on memories? / Will we hum this tune together?
        I can’t forget your energetic spirit in your eyes / This youth must be cherished

        [3.44] 突然很想要吻吻你 再把你抱紧 这些年 不容易 谢谢你没放弃 你创造的那些回忆 如此的美丽 陪我 走一半 青春

        [3.44] Suddenly I wanna kiss you / and hug you tightly / these years have been hard on you / thank you for not giving up
        The memories you have created / are all beautiful / accompanying me on this road of youth

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