‘Dream team’ finally confirmed… as “Newbees”

The official Chinese Dota 2 Weibo just posted that xiao8’s new ‘dream team’ has been named “Newbee”, and will consist of xiao8, Mu, Hao, ZSMJ, and KingJ.

For some context, “Newbee” is similar in the way it sounds to “niubi”, which is a common slang used by youth to roughly mean “fucking awesome”.

Source: http://t.qq.com/p/t/385364134185984

5 thoughts on “‘Dream team’ finally confirmed… as “Newbees”

  1. This new team is pretty underwhelming. iG actually looks like they had the better end of the roster shuffle. Any idea why Hao left iG to go to what is basically TongFu + xiao8?

    • He wants to be with his bff Mu~~ How is tongfu + xiao8 underwhelming? Original Tongfu was strong @ TI3. I considered them top3 going in. Wish my tongfu pennant views would carry over. The team name is odd outside of CN context, wonder what colors/mascot or logo will be??

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