LaNm post-TI4 short interview

China Electronic Athletics Magazine recently did a short interview with LaNm, the recently-retired DK support player and long-time veteran of the scene.

CEA: Since joining DK, your performances have been quite good, so why would you decided to retire now?
LaNm: I actually decided long ago on retirement. As for the reasons for retiring, the reasons are many, and in the memoir I am currently writing, I will share the specifics.

CEA: Speaking of DK, rumor has it that one of your conditions for joining DK last year was for BurNIng to agree to fight another year?
LaNm: Yes, as a professional player not having played alongside BurNIng up til then would have been a regret.

CEA: Let’s look back at this past year with DK then. From your sweep of Chinese and international teams in the beginning, to the undefeated championship victory at SL9, to ultimately falling into poor form, and finally your unfortunate exit from TI4… Will there be lots of regrets?
LaNm: There will definitely be, life can never be that smooth. But I’ve already emerged from the shadows of defeat, and this year’s competition has held huge meaning for my life.

CEA: Before TI4 began, your team was favored by a large amount of fans, yet you were sadly eliminated in the end. What do you think were the reasons for this loss? Form? The game version? Changing game tempos?
LaNm: Mentality.

CEA: Can you speak more specifically?
LaNm: Very complicated, I will talk about it in my memoir.

CEA: Many players choose to stream or commentate after retiring, yet you seem not to have plans in this direction? What do you think you’ll be doing after retirement?
LaNm: I am currently settling some things. I hope to commentate to share my experience with more fans and audiences, and I’ve also considered becoming a coach to prolong my dreams. But everything is still in the works, I still haven’t made a decision.

CEA: Your career hasn’t been the easiest. From your point of view, has your experience as a professional player given or taken more overall?
LaNm: The setbacks I’ve encountered have also been a part of my growth, so I’ve definitely gained more.

CEA: Looking back on your entire career, what has left you with the deepest impression?
LaNm: Two things. One is the moment when we won WPC, the other is after elimination my teammates embracing me and consoling me.

CEA: You mentioned a memoir just now, and previously you have revealed related details through your Weibo, so when can we expect to see this memoir?
LaNm: Around one month’s time, I’ve already begun writing.

CEA: Finally, say something to the fans who have supported you all along.
LaNm: Thank you to each of your for your support, I will continue to be active in the esports scene.


6 thoughts on “LaNm post-TI4 short interview

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  2. Hey josh, lanm posted on his weibo about the conclusion of team dk’s meeting. I tried Google translating it but am still confused. Also, ice3 posted on his weibo “goodbye china” and is now on Singapore. Is he out of dk?

    • LaNm’s post just said that the club has requested they keep things confidential for now, and everyone will have to wait for the announcement. I don’t think I can say anything about the results one way or another, it’s not my place to do so.

      • It’s so saddening to see the members of this team go separate ways… T_T Well, win or lose it’s DK I choose. I just hope that the 5 of them stick together with Lanm as an analyst or something.

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