Chinese transfer deadline roundup

The Chinese ACE organization had previously announced that August 26 would be the transfer deadline for this summer’s post-TI roster shuffles. Following various big name players retiring, the shuffle would undoubtedly be on a large scale. Today, the various clubs and players have been revealing their plans for the next few months to a year… Here is a somewhat comprehensive look at the main movers.

iG roster changes:

YYF retires. We wish him success in his future endeavours, and thank him for the unforgettable memories that he brought to iG fans.
Faith transfers to LGD. Thank you to Faith’s hard work with iG, and good luck in his new environments.
Chisbug returns to competitive play, re-joining iG. As an iG veteran, let us look forward to his new performances with iG.Former VG player June (previously CIS, but VG bought the entirety of CIS following TI4) joins iG on a trial basis. We hope that as a young player, June can quickly blend in with iG.
Ferrari_430, ChuaN, and Luo continue playing for iG.
iG roster: Ferrari_430, ChuaN, Luo, CHisbug, June

LGD roster changes:

DD retires following LGD’s fifth place finish at TI4.
xiaotuji transfers and joins NewBee. Thank you to these two for their contributions to the club, and we wish them good luck in their new beginnings.
Captain Yao, ddc, and Lin remain with the club; thank you to them for remaining and continuing the LGD tradition!
Former VG player Sylar joins for 300k RMB. We hope that the returning Sylar continues his steady play and leads LGD to a new era of glory!
Former DK player MMY joins for 400k RMB. We hope that he can perform even more brilliantly in a new environment!
Former iG player Faith joins for 300k RMB. We hope that Faith’s joining can bring LGD a new element of strategic thought!
Former VG player (due to CIS having been bought by VG following TI4) inflame joins for 100k RMB. We look forward to this young player growing to become a pillar of Chinese Dota 2!
Former DT player Injuly joins as a free agent. We look forward to Injuly continuing his dreams from DT and challenging himself to new heights!
Coach 820 will pursue his own goals and development and will thus leave his role sa coach. Thank you to his help and leadership towards the team, and good luck to him in his new field!

LGD roster: Yao (captain), ddc, Lin, Sylar, MMY, Faith, Injuly, inflame

Newbee roster changes:

xiaotuji joins Newbee for 800k RMB following negotiations with LGD.

DK roster changes:

BurNIng and LaNm retire. BurNIng will remain at the club for the purposes of helping newcomers.
Mushi due to personal reasons chooses to return to Malaysia to develop.
MMY transfers to LGD.
iceiceice transfers to VG.
Thank you to these people for all their contributions to the club, and we wish them success in whatever their new fields or teams.
DK Dota 2 will not cease existing. We will focus on training new players. If you have interest, skill, and passion, then feel free to send your credentials along to us.


Former CIS player Black^ joins. Sylar transfers to LGD.
rOtK retires, iceiceice joins from DK.

Other of interest:

Xtt leaves HGT, joins NE
Icy leaves LGD, joins HGT
Zhou, YYF, 820, LongDD, and zippO form a casual team by the name of OB, sponsored partially by TongFu.Wanzhou


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