Royal Club forms new Dota 2 squad; interview with Royal support player 5400

Chinese organization Royal Club is back on the Dota scene with an all-new Dota 2 squad!

Jiezoumowang 节奏魔王 (Dota ladder player, carry)
SN (former solo player for LW, hard working, has experience playing in G-League, solo mid)
Xiaosi 小思 (former 3 position player for LEO, 3 position)
Yimi 一米 (Dota 2 pubstar status, famous semi-pro player, 4 position)
5400 (drafter, 5 position)

Their first appearance was in the ECL against TongFu on June 3. How will this all-new team fare in upcoming months?

Interview with Royal.5400:

17173: 5400, hello! I think this should be your first official interview~ Can you start off by introducing your teammates to us?
5400: Our players are as follows: Jiezoumowang (Ren Yangwei) as carry, SN (Shi Heng) as the 2, xiaosi (Dong Huanxiao) as the 3, yimi (Long Zhan) as the 4, and myself, 5400 (Yang Huaining) in the 5.

17173: Alright~ How long have you guys been training together? Where is your team based?
5400: About two months. Our team is based in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area, in a place that no one knows of. XD

17173: We’ve heard that your team base is some 2000 square meters in size? How many club staff and players call the base home?
5400: Indeed, the base is very large. We’ve even got a gym! Currently there are three other game squads along with our Dota 2 squad based here. In addition to management, plus our cook, we have around 30 people in total based in the house.

17173: Wow! It sounds like your club is going big? Yet your manager told me that the team house only has two bathrooms, so is there a long line for the bathrooms every morning?
5400: Nah! Even though two bathrooms is a bit lacking, our timings for getting up in the morning aren’t all the same. In the early morning there actually aren’t any people using the bathrooms, everyone’s still sleeping~ But we do have people who can shower for over an hour, that’s a bit tough to deal with!!

17173: Your team’s average age might not even be 18 years of age, obviously you’re a very young team. From your own point of view, compared to the currently established powerhouse teams right now, what are your team’s strengths and weaknesses?
5400: Our strength you’ve already mentioned: we’re young! When all those oldtimers have retired, then the world is ours… wahahaha. As for weaknesses, it is a lack of experience and a need for more teamwork, because after all we’ve only been together a short period of time, and need work in that respect.

17173: You guys have a showmatch scheduled with RisingStars. Tell us a bit about your impressions of RisingStars!
5400: Lately we’ve scrimmed with them a bit. They give me an impression that they’ve reached significant heights in terms of individual and team execution, and they’re constantly improving as well. Even though they didn’t manage to get to TI3, they’re still continuously growing and learning in the DSL, and their attitudes are gradully maturing as well! Where they are now is the direction we want to work towards.

17173: On an upcoming show aimed at giving non-professional newcomers a stage to shine, we’ve heard that you’ll have friends participating!
5400: I heard too! I wish them good luck; there will be many strong participants there. Perhaps in the future, we’ll even see high quality players and even teams emerge from this show.

17173: Thank you to 5400 for the answers, and we hope that Royal Club continues to grow improve, along with all their players!
5400: Thanks! Thank you to our supporters!