After TI2, Chinese teams to skip WCG Asian Championships (Asian Cyber Games)


WCG Asia, also known as the Asian Cyber Games (ACG), is one of the longest-standing and older high level Asian Dota competitions. From last year, the competition switched focus to Dota2, where EHOME represented China and ultimately lost in Kuala Lumpur.

This year’s ACG has set their main event as Dota2 (other events are Tekken 6 and FIFA), and will run from Sept 7 to 9. But because of Chinese teams all having just gotten back from Seattle, they are still resting. Plus the Chinese ACG partner Neotv didn’t hold any preliminaries, and the result is that China will not be sending any representative team to the ACG for Dota. So, the ACG Dota competition will have no Chinese presence, and the original 8-team tournament is a 7-team event this year.