G-1 League LAN Finals begin tonight: LGD vs iG, DK vs Orange

Just a quick reminder… through Saturday November 17 and Sunday November 18, the G-1 League’s LAN Finals will take place. Matches happen at 13:30 and 18:30 China time (0:30 EST / 6:30 CET, and 5:30 EST / 11:30 CET).

The matchups will be LGD vs iG and DK vs Orange!

Streams at: http://media.17173.com/dota/g1/http://tl.twitch.tv/beyondthesummit

G-1 Champions League elimination round matchups decided

The G-1 Champions League in China continues its march onto determining who will take home the $30000 grand prize!


November 3: After going undefeated in the online preliminary group stage, iG will face Orange.

November 4: LGD, who did well overall but lost against iG in prelims, will be up against DK, who won their group.

November 5: In the lower bracket of the elimination round, MUFC will fight Flash for a spot in the next round.

November 6: In the other lower bracket matchup – EG, who barely squeaked through the preliminaries, and TongFu will duke it out to see who advances.

All matches above are at 20:00 (8pm) Chinese local time.

Afterwards, the offline portion will take place in Fuzhou, China, on November 17 and 18 and will determine 1st through 4th places.

Streams should continue to be at: http://www.fengyunzhibo.com/tv/17173zhibo.htmhttp://www.fengyunzhibo.com/tv/beat_kid.htmhttp://www.fengyunzhibo.com/tv/8923_1348919582720.htmhttp://tl.twitch.tv/beyondthesummit

17173 interview with iG.Faith: “LGD was better in the past, G-1 offline matches will be even more intense, Dendi is very funny”

Original: http://dota2.17173.com/news/10262012/113800655.shtml

Dotaland note: 17173, organizers of the G-1 League currently ongoing, has this interview with iG.Faith. Good insight into iG and perspectives of things from a top tier pro.

In the G-1 League group stages, team iG has shown an enormous display of skill and ability in consecutive wins over MUFC and LGD. On this, we interviewed iG.Faith, and learned more about iG’s latest developments.

G-1: Hello Faith, thank you for doing this interview with G-1 Champions League. In yesterday’s key match against LGD, your team was able to take the win 2-0, which surprised some people. Can you comment on the match a bit?

iG.Faith: Both games revolved around a high pressure in-your-face team ganking strategy led by Bounty Hunter and Night Stalker. Yet in both games, the opponent lacked any kind of crowd control team fight ability, so they ended up losing fights over and over as they tried to defend their towers.

G-1: This match received extreme amounts of attention, so with iG being able to take the win so easily, what were your first reactions, and does this give you more confidence for your upcoming matches?

iG.Faith: Both games revolved around teamfighting so to pull it off successfully left us feeling very satisfied. Of course we will gain confidence from this, but we also will not underestimate any opponent.

G-1: Can you tell us why iG is so strong right now? Has the TI2 title really triggered a chemical reaction within the team? If you had lost in the Finals against NaVi, would your current mentality, confidence, and form be any different?

iG.Faith: I think we’re close-knit as a team, trust each other, and we are quite all-around. The TI2 title gives us motivation, as well as pressure to perform. If we had truly lost back then, we would still need to rely on our own ability to adjust ourselves and the team as a whole, because in the end we still believe that we are a talented team.

G-1: Can you evaluate the current LGD? It seems like xiao8’s position is shifting towards a support role. In your match with them yesterday, what do you think was different about them compared to in Seattle?

iG.Faith: I felt they weren’t as good as they used to be, perhaps because they’re changing roles. In comparison, it’s still LGD of the past that’s a bit stronger, in Seattle every match with them left us feeling drained.

G-1: Talk a bit about your thoughts on the new DK and TongFu rosters, or how do you view 357, Dai, longDD, Veronica (new TongFu member)?

iG.Faith: DK should need less time to learn to play with each other, after all 357 and Dai are veterans and will have a comparatively easier time blending into a new team. As for Veronica and longDD, what they’ll need to do first is find and confirm their role with their new team.

G-1: You guys will soon be participating in the WCG Dota competition, and afterwards there is the SMM Dota competition, so you continue to be busy on two fronts. What are your thoughts on future ACE and G-league competitions then?

iG.Faith: If we compete in Dota1 then we will practice Dota1, if we compete in Dota2 then we will practice in Dota2. I think in the future Dota2 will become the mainstream.

G-1: Apparently iG’s team headquarters has moved to Shanghai, can you reveal the specific reasoning for this? Compared to Beijing, how is the new environment, what is your favorite aspect, or what do you miss from Beijing?

iG.Faith: The main thing is that Shanghai’s internet service is better, so we decided to move to Shanghai. In terms of environment it’s also quite a bit better than Beijing. It’s still got to be the improved internet in Shanghai that satisfies me most though, this way we can practice better, and perform better in online competitions.

G-1: LGD has built an international team. If iG were to really create an iG.int, which international players would you recommend to your manager?

iG.Faith: This is something I’ve never thought about, we players are only responsible for playing Dota well, win championships; other issues are up to the club’s management to handle. Although in Seattle I gained a strong impression of Dendi, he is very lively and funny.

G-1: Apart from this iteration of the G-1 League maintaining its easygoing, fun, style, the actual competition has made big breakthroughs in terms of participants, format, and prize money. Which of these has given you the biggest impression?

iG.Faith: This time G-1 will have an offline portion, so in comparison to the past the matches will be even more intense.

G-1: There was an interesting sidenote from yesterday’s match with LGD, you guys failed to join the room 10 minutes early and as a result lost 20 seconds from your ban/pick timer, what is your opinion on this relatively strict ruling? If you have any other suggestions for the G-1 League, we will strive to improve.

iG.Faith: Don’t really have anything, I feel it’s all pretty good. At the time YYF was watching replays to analyze, and ended up forgetting the time for a while, the resulting punishment I feel isn’t inappropriate.

G-1: Thank you Faith for doing this interview with us, is there anything else you’d like to say to everyone?

iG.Faith: Thank you to the club for the nurturing you’ve given us, thank you to everyone for your support, in the future we will continue to do our best to bring exciting matches for all.

G-1 League update: DreamZ to rematch ForLove due to ringer, mD and NA both out

Original: http://dota2.sgamer.com/news/201210/147384_3.html

Update: ForLove have won the rematch 2-1 and will face Flash next. DreamZ are now out.

partial translation

Viewers reported that in the DreamZ vs ForLove match earlier, which ForLove lost by 0-2, DreamZ used an unreported ringer to play for them. Apparently, the ringer was from fellow Philippines Dota team Mineski. After discussing with both teams, the G-1 League has decided that for fairness, the matchup has been reset to 0-0, and ForLove has been given a rematch with DreamZ. This rematch will not be streamed (in Chinese at least, seems English twitch stream is going).

In other news, both other Chinese teams, mD and NA have lost to their respective opponents in the prelims 2-0, with Flash of Singapore and SQL of New Zealand being the ones to go through, respectively.

NA particularly lost badly, with one match going 1-30 in team kills and NA members asking in chat how to leave the game, showing that obviously this is one of the first times NA has ever played Dota2.

Up next on October 15 at 6PM Chinese time: SQL faces EG, and Flash awaits the winner of the DreamZ and ForLove rematch.

Dotaland note: streams are at 6pm Chinese time each night — http://www.fengyunzhibo.com/tv/17173zhibo.htmhttp://www.fengyunzhibo.com/tv/beat_kid.htmhttp://www.fengyunzhibo.com/tv/8923_1348919582720.htmhttp://tl.twitch.tv/beyondthesummit

G-1 Dota2 League prelims update, stream link

Original: http://dota2.17173.com/news/10142012/111234634.shtml

DreamZ knocks out For.Love

DreamZ is an old school powerhouse from the Philippines, and with ForLove meeting such a strong opponent in the first round, sadly Love’s warriors were unable to sink this Filipino battleship, ultimately losing 2-0. In the first match, ForLove picked strong pub heroes Chaos Knight and Ancient Apparition, but were unable to control the match. After going into the second match, they immediately made adjustments, with their combo of Keeper of the Light plus Phantom Lancer winning a lot for them early on. However, because of their opponent Shadow Fiend’s outstanding performance in mid game teamfights, grabbing many kills, ForLove were unable to halt Shadow Fiend’s momentum and lost the initiative for DreamZ. In the end, Shadow Fiend with filled out item slots led the push onto high ground to take towers. ForLove, in the face of great adversity, tried their best to hold out and pulled the match all the way to 50 minutes before they finally typed out gg, thus departing from the G-1 stage. This young team has endless potential in the future, there will be more and more Dota2 competitions domestically, so we hope to continue to see their lively selves in the future. Add oil, ForLove!

EG defeats Mineski

As a strong team in TI2, this time EG’s performance has not caused any surprises. With their experience in online competitions, their 200-300 pings to the server never became a big issue, and they comfortably defeated their opponents 2-0.

Upcoming matches…

Two Chinese teams in mD and NA will be going up against New Zealand’s SQL and Singapore’s Flash.

Dotaland note: streams are at 6pm Chinese time each night — http://www.fengyunzhibo.com/tv/17173zhibo.htmhttp://www.fengyunzhibo.com/tv/beat_kid.htmhttp://www.fengyunzhibo.com/tv/8923_1348919582720.htmhttp://tl.twitch.tv/beyondthesummit

EG, iG, and more to be involved in G-1 Dota2 League, qualifiers schedule announced

Original: http://dota2.17173.com/news/10112012/180656730.shtml

partial translation

iG and N9 are the 6th and 7th invites to the new G-1 Dota2 League. The remaining 3 spots will be determined from a qualifier between 8 additional teams: For.Love, NA, mD (China), DreamZ, Mineski (Philippines), Flash (Singapore), EG (USA), and SQL (New Zealand).

The qualifiers will begin at 6PM Chinese time on October 13 2012 (3AM Pacific time).

The qualifiers bracket is below, top 3 will go on to compete in the League:

The full competitor list is:

DK, LGD, TongFu, Orange, MUFC, iG, N9 plus 3 teams from the 8 qualifier teams.

Dota2 hits the Chinese tournament scene this month with 17173’s G-1 Champions League Season 4!

Original: http://dota2.17173.com/news/10082012/152252415.shtml

The G-1 Professional Champions League is 17173’s esports brand, with Dota being the game contested. The first season of G-1 League was held in June of 2011, with CCM (former iG) taking the win, while DK won consecutively the Season 2 and Season 3 competitions. In October of this year, 17173 will push out Season 4 of the G-1 Champions League, and the game being competed in will be the successor to Dota, created by Valve — Dota2. This will be China’s first Dota2 esports league, and the competition’s total prize pool will reach 330000 RMB (roughly 52400 USD), setting a new record for Chinese Dota competition prize pool.

Prize pool details:

Champions: 180000 RMB

Runners up: 60000 RMB

Third place: 50000 RMB

Fourth place: 40000 RMB


Mid October 2012 to Mid November 2012

Commentary team:

Chinese: 2009, Crystal, Pikaxiu (Pikachu)

Chinese guest commentary: Shen!, Anleier

English: GoDz, LD

Competition format:

Online portion: Top 10 group stage, elimination stage

Offline portion (in Fuzhou): Top 4 semifinals, 3rd/4th match, Grand Finals

League organizers will reveal the participating teams in two groups for a total of ten teams, the first group of teams participating in G-1 Season 4 is:

G-1 Season 3 Champions, TI2 4th place: DK

G-1 Season 3 3rd place, TI2 3rd place: LGD

TI2 top 8: TongFu

TI2 top 8: Orange

ESWC Southeast Asia Champions: MUFC