Perfect World and Gamefy announce partnership, million-yuan Dota2 league


Today, Perfect World and Gamefy held a press conference to announce an official partnership between the two organizations. SGamer’s reporters on scene have reported back that as a result of this partnership, there will be a world-class Dota2 league, with a prize pool reaching one million yuan (equivalent to 160,000 USD). Clearly this partnership signals a new chapter in the rise of Dota2 in China, and the creation of a top-tier competitive Dota2 league belonging to China!

See more images from the press conference here.

11 thoughts on “Perfect World and Gamefy announce partnership, million-yuan Dota2 league

  1. I wonder how this will play out. It will obviously increase the awareness of Dota 2 in China, but isn’t the game still technically not availabe? At least if you try to use the free keys etc. That may be a good thing and get things finalized and the beta released openly in China.

    • As far as I know, Dota2’s Chinese servers are currently in a very limited beta stage. Signups for bigger waves of invites have been active for a while and the invites will probably go out within the next few months. It’s a good thing indeed, if Perfect World can strike up a big, game-changing partnership with Gamefy, then it’s huge since Gamefy is one of the largest and oldest esports networks in China.

  2. Well, that’s the thing that Perfect World is going to fix, they are the publishers for Dota 2 in China so they will be the ones distributing the game for the Chinese market. Don’t know how they plan to do it, but it’s nice to see they have big plans for tournaments already.

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