Perfect World 1M RMB tournament announce upcoming, Chinese beta still waiting…


After previous news reported that Perfect World and Gamefy had partnered up for a 1 million RMB prize Dota2 tournament later this year, we now learn that Perfect World is poised to officially announce details of the tournament later this month.

According to the SGamer source, the tournament will take place during May through June of this year, with the entirety of it being held locally in Shanghai. Ten teams will be invited and compete in a round-robin points-based format, with the ten teams to be announced!

The official announcement will come on Friday, April 19, at a press conference in Beijing.

Original: (not direct translation below)

According to this bit, the Chinese Dota 2 beta, which had previously been rumored to be making its debut in April, will inevitably be delayed further. The source reports that, in the words of an insider with access to information on the Chinese Dota 2 beta, the development of the Chinese game client has been delayed on the developers’ side — which we speculate to mean Valve. Either way, the actual Chinese game client has seen delays, and thus, the Chinese beta has been delayed as well.

Dota players in China are growing restless, however, and just how much longer this Chinese beta needs remains to be seen… But with the million RMB Perfect World tournament coming next month, it makes all the sense in the world to allow Chinese fans to watch the tournament and play the game at the same time. Let’s hope we see some real progress in the Chinese Dota 2 market soon.

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