Tongfu’s manager flames Chinese commentators: Do your own job well first, don’t start rumors

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At Seattle’s Dota2 TI2 preliminary group stage matches, Tongfu’s performances have been less than ideal, landing them in the loser’s bracket. Especially in the do or die match against NaVi, Tongfu’s performance left viewers puzzled, and after the match some commentators’ analysis focused on delving to the root of their failure, and in doing so apparently exposed some of Tongfu’s internal problems. Today, (Chinese ex-Dota player and current commentator) DC on his personal daily Dota diary claimed that Tongfu is currently embroiled in internal strife, and that they basically are no longer in a match-ready state.

Facing these accusations, Tongfu’s team lead CU felt he had to speak up, and today, he posted a weibo vehemently attacking DC and others for their rumors, saying that swapping positions within a team is very normal, and angrily stated that people such as DC who are creating rumors out of nothing should shut their mouths. Below is his post on Tencent weibo:

TongXin CuZn: Some stupid fucks have nothing better to do than gossip and talk! It’s not like you haven’t played professionally before, in the entire fucking pro scene only Zhou never swapped positions (aka farm priority), who else? The only correct way to do things is to do so according to your own understanding? Fuck your uncles, if you’re so damn good why don’t you get in, don’t just talk shit and make things up, do your own job properly alright

Currently, DC and co have not made any official response. As for whether Tongfu truly has internal issues as DC described, will continue to follow up.
The post from DC which led to this response: — Translation here:

3 thoughts on “Tongfu’s manager flames Chinese commentators: Do your own job well first, don’t start rumors

    • The pinyin for it is ‘cao ni men da ye de!’ with ‘cao’ being ‘fuck’, and ‘ni men’ being ‘your’ in the plural sense, and ‘da ye’ being ‘uncle’.

      操你们大爷的 <– paste that in Google translate and have both input and output in Chinese and then click the speaker icon and Google will roughly pronounce it for you

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