DC’s Seattle Dota Diary #3: Analysis of late prelim matches (and funny backstage snips)

Original: http://dota.replays.net/page/20120830/1723116.html (written by DC, a Chinese commentator)

Original original (requires registration to view full): http://bbs.gtv.com.cn/thread-1422-1-1.html

In consecutive days, the Chinese contingent in Seattle has achieved remarkable success, resulting in dreams of glory for many and hopes of the best start in the elimination stages. This has gradually become the blueprint for Chinese success in my mind as well.

During the morning trip to breakfast, I realized if Tongfu and EHOME both win today, all 5 Chinese teams will make it into the winner’s bracket!

But as I optimistically noted this out loud, Mumu (guide) said, “DC, just yesterday you were saying that Orange has better chances in one match, and the other match, Tongfu has internal instability, how come your thoughts have changed overnight?”

I casually explained that, as a healthy individual, the benefits of a good night’s sleep extend to clairvoyance… and thus, as I dodged Mumu’s unappreciative glares – she hadn’t enjoyed my casual explanation as much as I had – I basked in the aura of my intellect.

On the way to the match venue, team DK’s members crowded against each other, discussing their upcoming match: M5’s recent horrid performances meant that there was little to be scared of, and Burning cheerfully said, “Chaos Knight with Radiance in team fights is really good, and we’ll make our opponent understand this!”

Next to him, DK’s manager sighed, and wearily said, “we’ve already agreed that even if we picked CK again, you don’t get to use him, so what’s the point in you spending more time thinking about CK?”

Seeing an opportunity for some shenanigans, I strolled alongside them and said, “why not go armlet, treads, and drum for unlocking the true potential of CK as hard carry!”

Hearing this, LongDD yelled, “if he plays CK again then I will ragequit!!”

For the next five minutes, Burning didn’t say a thing as we made our way, but in the end he stubbornly muttered again, “CK with Radiance really is good!”

And we all broke into laughter, hilarious laughter… there was just no way our Burning could truly be serious…

Day 3 Match Analysis

  • LGD vs Mouz, iG vs MTW

Speaking on these two matches together, neither of them offered much variety or surprise, they both went as expected.

The biggest thing the matches showed is the distinctly different play styles of two of China’s strongest superteams.

In LGD vs Mouz, the overarching theme was that, in the face of LGD’s overwhelming skill and power, Mouz was desperate, forlorn, and defeated altogether. It was a win riding on clear winds and cooling spirit. LGD truly is none other than LGD!

In iG vs MTW, the theme was one of a fiery path of destruction, sweat soaked and heat ridden, leaving the viewer to reflect on the flaming thrills of conquest. iG does not fail to live up to iG’s reputation!

Basically, LGD and iG had their way with their opponents and in the end crushed them with a style unique to themselves.

M5 was late and then DQed, and amidst DK’s cheerful acceptance of their free win, the team members didn’t neglect to poke more fun at Burning, joking that “your CK radiance scared them away!” Burning, steely faced, changed the subject, “Ping pong time!”

And then team DK nearly got ALL-KILLED by Ms.Miss (female, guide?), and the situation was only just barely brought under control when DK manager Fa himself took up the cause and saved DK from embarrassment on the ping pong table.

EG beat CLG, taking the last upper bracket slot. I think no one cares about these two teams though, so whatever.

  • EHOME vs Orange

Because of last minute personnel changes in this match, EHOME lost and fell into the lower bracket. As for how far they can go from there, we shall see, but we wish them the best of luck.

  • Tongfu

Even though I know that after arriving the the US, Tongfu has had arguments amongst each other every day after training and matches, even though just the other day they broke into the biggest argument ever, I would have never expected that Tongfu, known for teamwork and togetherness, would let such things determine their performance in a match environment.

After losing to Navi, Awoke said “the atmosphere in the team was toxic, we couldnt’ continue anymore” before hurriedly leaving. Apparently Tongfu even pushed off their originally scheduled sightseeing trip to Seattle for later in the day……

  • Dinner

Was good, American food doesn’t really fit my tastes, but there was a lot of bonding and fun between players, teams, and even a few fans. Fun and games were had until employees on site, wanting to go home for the night, asked us nicely to leave.

(translator note: to be continued later, translation takes time :P…)


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