(some quickies for Sept 1) Chinese comments on TL+Dota2, iG vs Navi predictions, starting times in Asia

Hey all, DC’s Day 5 Dota Diary isn’t up yet, there was probably so much going on on Friday that he’s taking more time to write it, etc, in between commentating. Plus I’m physically in downtown Seattle all weekend attending things too, but I promise I’ll play catch up with translating once things are up in Chinese and/or the weekend is past.

For now, just some short snippets of stuff that might be fun to read.

1. Commentary on TL getting into Dota2 — Original: dota2.replays.net/page/20120831/1723414.html

Seattle’s TI2 is just beginning, yet a new challenger is appearing! Surely after this tournament, a new age of Dota2 will rise around the world, what a great thing for all us Dota fans! Let us celebrate!

We hope to see more and more professional teams entering the Dota2 fray, so that the scene may become powerful and dynamic as Dota once was, leading the way! Good luck to each and every Dota2 fan!

(note: I’m not sure if I’ve missed TL announcing they’re making an official team, only that they are officially covering Dota2. But nonetheless, the sentiment is that they welcome new additions to the Dota2 scene of any type, because a stronger scene worldwide can only do good things!)

2. Predictions iG vs NaVi — Original: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1834641581

vuvuzula_: A match to make men blush, hearts flutter… you understand.

爱啃苹果的兔子: What about LGD?

yydjdts: 29:3 in favor of iG.

爱啃苹果的兔子: NaVi now isn’t anything. As long as your 430 doesn’t screw up, no pressure at all.

MonkeyDNan: you mean the iG that had trouble with EG? My NaVi has no pressure, but they will still habitually give away a game or so.

ZH33887799: iG’s matches really are more better viewing material than LGD’s.

3. Random comment on starting time for matches in China — Original: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/1834620817

灼凉: I’ve set an alarm for 5am, and I’ll cut off my dick if I miss it. 5am is LGD’s match, I can’t make it up all night.

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