(Sept 2 quickies) Chinese appreciate Zenith and iceiceice, iG vs NaVi — iG overconfident?

Note: DC’s Day 5 Dota diary just went up. I’ll probably get translations of that plus all the rest of DC’s diaries up starting Monday, so stay tuned for that! Until then, enjoy some random snippets of comments and reactions from around the Chinese internet. Not meant to be a complete sample of all Chinese opinions, just a window, so it could be biased one way or another.

1. Chinese appreciate Zenith and iceiceice

Original: http://dota2.replays.net/page/20120902/1723974.html

In the loser’s bracket fifth round, Zenith clashed with DK. Sadly, Zenith came out as the losers of this battle. At the end of the match, Zenith’s iceiceice used all of his gold on Sentry Wards to write out ‘gg’ in large letters in the middle. He ran out of Wards halfway and only made one ‘g’, and informed that he was out of money. This ‘gg’, though, not only signified the end of the match, but also Zenith’s well-wishes for DK’s next matches.

Iceiceice is a legendary player, and this time in Seattle he has been the center of attention many times, including excellent plays and strategies, but especially when he went on stage and played without pants on. Now he’s out of the tournament along with his team, and it is definitely a bit disappointing to see, but we only wish him and his team good luck and good performances in the future.

2. iG vs NaVi — iG tweets show overconfidence?

Original: http://dota2.replays.net/page/20120902/1723939.html

After three games, iG lost 2-1 to NaVi and dropped into the lower bracket. After an easy first game win for iG, NaVi was widely seen to have lost out in the bans and picks for the second game yet managed to read every single one of iG’s moves, and then the third game iG basically lost at the bans and picks stage.

But, shortly after the bans and picks concluded for the second game, iG’s CEO Efeng tweeted:

Efeng: Bans and picks are exactly as we predicted and wanted! In terms of game intellect, we have achieved a flawless victory, let us go forth do battle!

This tweet would’ve been innocent enough if everything had gone as planned, but just as Efeng sent the tweet out and it began picking up notice, iG was also choking on the main stage at Benaroya Hall.

Before the match, iG people ranging from Efeng to ChuaN had tweeted reflecting their confidence:

Efeng: 7 Asian teams came to TI2, now in the top 8 all 7 are still alive. The only non-Asian team left is NaVi, it’s about time we send them out too!

Efeng: NaVi and their TI1 championship rings said to us, “you don’t have this!”. We can only answer, “enjoy it while it lasts”, it is not 2011 anymore.

ChuaN: I hate the waiting, time to let it out on NaVi!

After iG dropped into the lower brackets at the hands of NaVi, these tweets were retweeted furiously. And as for the statement from iG CEO Efeng, “in terms of game intellect, we have achieved flawless victory”, well, later on during game 3, the Chinese commentator Miss said, “NaVi has such great game intellect!”

Many fans have pointed at Efeng, saying his tweets lack respect and decency. Regardless of the facts, we hope that iG picks it back up, and that all the Chinese teams remaining can stay calm and composed in the face of these big matches! Truly, we shouldn’t be overly proud of our game knowledge or anything like that.

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