(rumor) EHOME for sale after TI2?

Note: This is from Aug 28, it remains to be seen whether EHOME’s 5/6th place finish at TI2 this year is enough to change anything. Also, remember that this is merely a rumor.

Original: http://dota.replays.net/page/20120828/1722339.html

The famous Dota news weibo “Dota2路边社” has revealed a potentially heavyweight topic: because EHOME’s 2012 results have been less than satisfactory, the club’s investors wish to sell the club after The International 2 in Seattle, and are currently actively looking for buyers.

EHOME’s 2012 season has included Dota2, League of Legends, and Warcraft 3 divisions, and they have consistently been around top 3, yet they have not won a single championship. The Warcraft 3 division has only one player ReMinD, the League of Legends division has done nothing, and the Dota2 division has had high expectations yet have performed poorly so far, and their performances have been weak so far at TI2 as well and it will be an uphill fight to achieve a good result there. With a lack of results all across the board, it is no wonder EHOME’s backers are looking into selling.

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