Early TI2 interview with LGD.DDC

Note: This is from midway through the preliminaries. But it has some random interesting questions too. Part of my catchup translation coverage of TI2 from the past few days!

Source: http://dota2.replays.net/page/20120829/1722638.html

BBC (interviewer, Chinese commentator): Congrats on going undefeated so far in three days, let’s talk a bit about your last match vs Mouz.

DDC: Before the match, we already felt that Mouz only knew how to use Anti-mage, so we thought it should be easy to counter, give him no farm and we basically win. In the actual match they did in fact use Anti-mage, and then they did indeed lose to us.

BBC: Summarize your performances for us.

DDC: I give the team full marks on performance, and I’m pretty happy with my own as well.

BBC: Plan on heading out in the afternoon to explore a bit?

DDC: I’ll see after I watch group B matches.

BBC: Who will you pick to face in the elimination match?

DDC: We’ll try to pick a European or American team, but definitely not NaVi.

BBC: Why not NaVi?

DDC: Because we’ve never faced them before, we aren’t familiar, so we still want to stick to the familiar. Plus we’re a little scared of Pudge’s hooks.

BBC: Dota1 and Dota2 you guys are both very good at, but does Dota2 suit you?

DDC: Dota2 feels really good, I think I will like it as long as I play.

BBC: Any plans for your professional career?

DDC: I think I’ll play another year, until my contract is up, and if it’s still fun then I will continue.

BBC: Then so far, has it been fun?

DDC: Not bad.

BBC: Bit of a private question, do you have a girlfriend, what type of girl do you like?

DDC: Not yet. I think I like the cute and nice kind.

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