iG at ACE Dota 2012 S1 finals (pictures)

A few pictures with translated captions from iG’s social media from their win at ACE earlier.

The pictures from ACE live that everyone wanted are here now. Much thanks to all those loyal fans on the live broadcasts and at the venue itself. It was with your support that we ultimately won the trophy! The first picture is a picture of the entire team; it seems like ChuaN wants to raise the sword high and declare, “I am He-Man!!”

iG.YYF posing for a shot with a fervent fan. Does that mesmerizing smile and understated elegance tempt your heart? *kiss*

And of course our Zhou’s handsomeness isn’t going to lose out to his teammate’s. His hair, specially styled for the event today, was a contributor to his stable play today, and his calm confidence in holding the trophy is as if to say, “I have the most fans, no one else can compare”

Here we see Faith signing for a fan and taking it very seriously. His reserved and shy demeanor off-stage forms a stark contrast with his fearlessness and fierceness on-stage.

If you were to ask who is the focus of most conversations at matches, the answer is certainly ChuaN. Of course ChuaN’s excitement in celebrating his last Finals victory has not faded; today he seemed more calm, very patiently signing things for fans, and additionally gained the youngest fan at the match venue today.

Source: http://e.t.qq.com/igaming

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