EHOME and ACE still a possibility?

After EHOME manager 71 had some harsh words regarding their situation with ACE, it seems that the team is still open to reconciliation with the Chinese esports association in the future… maybe even as early as the next season of ACE Dota?


Though we didn’t participate in the ACE Dota Pro-league competition, our base not far to the ACE venue, so a few of us gathered to go pay a visit. There, we play-tested the AMD machines on site, we felt they really were excellent, AMD-based computers definitely are the best choice for gaming.


ACE Grand Finals are tonight, next season we also hope we can be up on this stage, and be a part of this professional competition, at this professional venue, competing and training with AMD’s gear.

Dotaland note: This is very interesting because for one, this suggests that EHOME will go back to playing both Dota 1 and Dota 2 competitions when they have been focusing on Dota 2 for most of this year before TI2. For another, one of EHOME’s main sponsors is Intel, yet here they are talking about AMD… is this a public gesture towards making amends with ACE?

3 thoughts on “EHOME and ACE still a possibility?

    • ACE is the Chinese association for esports, recently formed. The ACE Pro-league is their signature event. EHOME were not able to join ACE when it was formed because at the time EHOME was the biggest team on the scene and were poaching players and didn’t really care about the rules, while ACE was formed to give everyone a voice and prevent contract breaches. As a result, EHOME was barred from the ACE Pro-league, as well as banned from training with any Chinese team in ACE, which is basically everyone.

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