With iG as this season’s champions, the ACE Dota Pro-league 2012 Season 1 comes to an excellent close (official ACE closing statement)

The official summary/statement post from ACE Dota Pro-league regarding the recently-ended Season 1 Dota competition. Includes quote from head sponsor AMD, as well as iG.Zhou.

Original: http://ace.pcgames.com.cn/news/1209/2638168.html

Accompanied by ChuaN’s roar of triumph, the curtains fall upon the ACE Dota televised league first season Grand Finals. By a score of 2-0, iG defeats LG, and upon receiving the sword up on stage, are crowned kings of the Grand Finals of ACE Dota Pro-league Season 1.

Over the course of three months’ worth of regular season matches, iG and LGD were the clubs to come to the forefront in a competition starring over ten teams and stand upon the finals stage. In taking the ACE championship, iG were furthermore coming off a recent victory at the Finals at The International invitational in Seattle, and after the match iG.Zhou revealed, “We discussed this amongst ourselves before, that if this year out of the ACE Dota league, The International, and G-league we could win two championships we’d be satisfied. And now we’ve taken all three championships, surpassing our goal, so we’re very satisfied.”

While congratulating iG, we should also recognize LGD’s fierce fight through the latter half of regular season matches to make it to the Grand Finals in imposing fashion, and thus give all Dota fans a finals matchup between two juggernauts. Even though LGD sadly lost in the end to iG, what cannot be ignored is that in order to make it this far in the LAN environment of the ACE Dota Pro-league, teams must have exceeding amounts of consistency and ability. Therefore, there are no losers on the stage of ACE Dota Pro-league, so let us give our respect and support to LGD all the same, and we hope that next season LGD can once again stand tall.

After iG won this season’s Finals to take home the trophy, a giant ceremonial sword provided by our official graphics card partner AMD, AMD’s Vice President of Greater China Sales, Ms. Wu said, “After this month, through the partnership between AMD and ACE we have fully experienced the magic of esports. We have been thoroughly impressed by the infectious enthusiasm and energy of players and fans, and we are very impressed by and admire these gamers’ drive for constant self-improvement and boldness in challenging new things. This has always been AMD’s brand attitude and focus, the source of AMD’s continuous innovation. This sword represents the highest level of play in the Dota world, and AMD’s purpose in creating this sword was specifically for the heroes who stand victorious in the ACE Finals, and we hope that this sword can become as great of a weapon for gamers as AMD hardware is.”

Real competition creates real winners, brings explosiveness to your gaming universe. This season of ACE Dota Pro-league was brought to you live via TV, internet, and mobile platforms simultaneously. From May 28’s regular season start, to the end of all competition on September 14, over a period of 4 months the ACE Dota Pro-league consisted of ACE alliance members such as iG, WE, LGD, for a total of more than ten top tier Chinese esports clubs. Led by these clubs, more than 50 professional esports competitors participated, and iG ultimately took the championship over LGD as the season drew to a close.

Thank you to our official processor and graphics card partner AMD, and to our official online game and download accelerator partner Xunyou.com for their great support.

Thank you to all our fans for your constant support, thank you all. In the coming days, when you think of this season’s competition, hopefully it can become a highlight for you. In the summer of 2012, we walked together with Dota. Our players and competitors, in the future, will someday be regular people like everyone else, and work, get married, get old…… but in the history books of ACE they have left their marks boldy. They will not be forgotten, because their names are now written in our hearts. Decades down the line, when we talk with our children of these years, we can proudly say, back then, there were those of us that spent our youth in pursuit and fulfillment of dreams. Soon, a new season of ACE Pro-league will begin, so, let us then gather again on that stage to write the next chapter for each of us.

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