Legendary captain 820 to make a comeback as manager/coach and help EHOME rebuild?

Original: http://dota.replays.net/news/page/20121015/1736025.html

Earlier, Replays.Net reported on the various pieces of upheaval surrounding EHOME (357 and Dai joining DK, KingJ leaving the club, LanM thinking about retirement).

But now, EHOME’s former captain, 820, has revealed in a video of his that he has been in contact with EHOME with regards to him coming back to lead the team and train new team members, with a club headquarters based in Shanghai.

In the video, at 4 minutes, 820 speaks of EHOME, and at 5 minutes he brings up the possibility of returning to EHOME in the role of manager/coach. In his own words, “As for me, I am considering it, because in this way I can come back to help, and train the next wave of new players. Though I don’t even know where to find these new players yet, I am still seriously considering this, because I really have love for EHOME!”

From these words, it’s not hard to see that 820 indeed has seriously considered the possibility of coming back to EHOME as a manager/coach, to the point that he’s even thought about where to find new players. As someone who is not known for acting impulsively, the fact that he has said so much on the matter fully displays his love for the club, and this all shows that it is very possible that he will come back to EHOME in some way to help them rebuild.

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