Chinese Social Summary: Dec 29, 2013 — Jan 10, 2014

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Lots of stuff… New Year wishes, WPC-ACE responses, D2L responses… Translations of Chinese pros and personalities public Weibo posts and responses.
Description of ‘add oil’ here.


Feed MMY: “Captain Duck hasn’t been given enough food, has become unhappy”
Regarding his WPC-ACE Finals keyboard smash: “No need to be concerned about my keyboard, lost a few keycaps, which will be returned to me after event cleanup for me to keep as a memory. In some future offline event, I’ll give them away to DK fans.”


Regarding LGD’s WPC-ACE semifinal loss: “I’ll take all the blame. Sick and feverish for many days, and it’s affected our training. Sorry I’ve let down those friends who support us. On another note, would also like to wish everyone an early Happy New Year.”

DD’s response to xiao8: “Our captain persevered through sickness and still insists on taking the blame, this is too much, the blame cannot be yours.”

Watching DK vs iG at WPC-ACE Finals: “This…..”
A perfect ending with D2L S4 (with pics): “Thank you to my teammates, a perfect ending. 2014 will see a new beginning. It’s been more than three years with LGD, our Dream five forever.

820’s response to xiao8: “Add oil in the new place”
KingJ’s response to xiao8: “An end is another beginning”


New Year: “Another year has passed just like that. Ups and downs, joys and sorrows, in the end it feels like it’s just me alone with all of this, so tiring. There have been some negative emotions, I hope for understanding. Happy New Year to all, and good luck for the next year.”
D2L S4 win (with pic): “happy ending…”


New Year and WPC-ACE: “Thank you to sydm for his best efforts in WPC-ACE, the matches are over for us so let’s not talk about that anymore. Tonight is New Year’s Eve, and I hope you all take some time to spend with family. To those I love, and those that love me, Happy New Year :)”
Entertainment in Vegas (with pics): “David Copperfield! Flashy, cool magic, the price of entry worth it.”
D2L S4 loss: “Things couldn’t always go so well for us playing overseas, but it was unexpected that we would lose in this manner. We played too ugly, sorry to everyone. Good luck to LGD in the finals, I hope for a good result.”


WPC-ACE Finals win: “We’ve completed a miracle, thank you to my teammates!”

820 response to MMY: “Awesome :)”


WPC-ACE Finals win: “This has been the most exhilirating match I’ve ever played!! Thank you to my amazing teammates!!”

Zhou response to BurNIng: “Never would have thought, a miracle has happened.”

Wishes for Super and VG: “Happy birthday (to Super)! Add oil for D2L!”


DK winning: “Thanks to DK I can leave China happily 🙂 so happy!!”
LGD winning: “LGD DID IT!!!! wohoooooooooooooooooooooooo good job guys!!!”


Before D2L Finals: “The title we must bring back to China, we will do our best!”
After D2L Finals: “Mission accomplished, nice”

ddc response to 820: “A great coach of China!”
DD response to 820: “A 1-in-100 year rarity of an excellent coach”


On iG’s side for WPC-ACE: “I hope iG can win the title, add oil!!!”


WPC-ACE Finals win: “Haven’t posted in a while! This post is to thank those who have believed in me all along, as well as to my family for staying with me! And my teammates for their hard work! We will work even harder in 2014! Thank you.”


Loss in WPC-ACE Finals: “We were indeed not as strong as our opponents. But what really makes me feel bad is the fact that 430 played through sickness for the entire day, he doesn’t even sound right anymore. And we still lost in the end.”
Talking about Alliance losing to Fnatic at D2L: “The patch changed so much :O”


Loss in WPC-ACE Finals: “We still aren’t working hard enough, let’s keep at it. We let our fans down again. Ferrari_430’s play today was excellent despite his sickness, but sadly we still lost. We will absolutely redeem ourselves in the future!!!”


Watching DK and LaNm win: “At first, upon seeing LaNm slam his keyboard, I felt like it was funny, it was an act of excitement in a moment of impossible comeback. Afterwards, watching LaNm’s heartfelt shouts over and over on repeat, I somehow began to feel sad. Just as this match will go down in history, LaNm’s career has been filled with twists and turns. In comparison, 430, who came of age in the scene at the same time as LaNm, has had a relatively smoother experience in contrast. It’s been four years, truly hasn’t been easy for you. Old friend, fight on with all your battle scars!


Comedian ZSMJ (with very good pics): “Going out with the girlfriend, a coat caught her eye. Upon seeing the price tag, she exclaimed in despair to me, “So expensive, it costs 3800”. I reply, “3800? It’s just the price of a Relic. Buy it! Wait seven minutes for me!” She threw me a look, and then, and then … there was no more~~~~ T_T”


D2L loss: “I wanted to be able to have a nice New Year but it’s so hard ~”

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TDSL Dota 1 League sees a brief return of 820, YaphetS, and more

Streams for the elimination segment of the TDSL Dota 1 league can be found here:

Interestingly, this is a Dota 1 league sponsored by none other than… Tencent. The choice of Tencent to sponsor Dota is strange, but perhaps less strange if you consider the fact that it is Dota 1 and not Dota 2… Prize pool of nearly 10k USD for first place, with a few thousand more split between the next couple places. Also interestingly, the team with 820 and Nekomata (both former pros turned commentators) crashed out early on in the event, so 820’s competitive cameo return was short-lived, apparently.

A brief interview was done with 820, who had a team in the tournament, and is also the lead caster for the league.

Q: 820, hello, very happy that you are able to participate in this as a commentator. What led you to also participating as a player?
As a former professional Dota player, I still have a lot of love for this game. Even though I’ve transitioned into commentating, I’m still very passionate about the game, so I put my name in for the competition.

Q: Regarding version 6.79b, what strategies do you feel are more flexible, and are stronger in pubs?
This version has changed a lot of heroes, causing heroes that formerly had no chance of being used seriously to emerge left and right, such as Venomancer, Clinkz, Bristleback, etc. Lots of strategies still remain to be developed.

Q: There are fewer and fewer Dota 1 events nowadays, how long do you think Dota 1 can continue on, and why?
This is a very normal thing, after all Dota 1 was popular for so many years, so its fading away now isn’t unexpected. But there are still many people playing it right now.

Q: This event will be played on the Tencent matchmaking platform. You’ve also used this platform before, what do you think of it?
A pretty good software, lots of functions have optimized the small details, allowing the whole experience to be more streamlined. I hope they can continue to improve on it.

Q: Because you have a team participating, you became favorites for the event. PIS (YaphetS) and his friends are also participating, what do you think of this old adversary of yours?
PIS is a very good player, and he’s been doing vods and practicing all along so I believe that he will be a threat to us.

Q: What do you do in your spare time outside of Dota?
Watch some shows and make some vods.

Q: If you were given another chance to play professionally right now, would you choose to do so? Why?
I think probably not, because I’ve already experienced life as a professional player, so if I was given the chance again, I would probably choose to go do something I haven’t done before.

Q: Anything to say to those fans that still stick with Dota 1?
There is no Dota without friends.


SGamer’s Top 10 Factors Holding Players Back in Dota


Dotaland note: SGamer presents this opinion piece, from one of their writers, on the top 10 factors holding players back in Dota. Fairly tongue-in-cheek, Dotaland has translated it and taken some liberties in reproduction in English for the flow of the piece. A good read, with some true gems of wisdom for anyone looking for some introspective reading, along with some humor — keep in mind it is an opinion piece and all opinions are of the original SG writer.

SGamer’s Top 10 Factors Holding Players Back in Dota

10. Your friends’ questionable advice

Countless people first came into contact with Dota via some classmate, thus beginninng the cycle of building up key items, blinking in with a shout, and leaving the win or loss to fate; dreams all gravitate towards images of streaks in Dota, memorizing item builds, skill builds, ability usage, playstyles… Because of friendship, here we’ll be lenient, and only rank the shady advices of school-age Dota friends as our 10th in terms of things holding you back in Dota.

9. The so-called invincible, all-purpose strategy

From the early years where it took extensive Baidu searches, a translation, and some luck to find a usable guide to today’s fingertip availability of a myriad of styles for every single hero, Dota’s metagame and strategy has been like a calling card for those of this generation. All the advertised guides promising dominance over high skies and heavens as long as you built X item by a certain time, skilled X at certain levels, went into the jungle with X starting items, pushed with this, or that… After all is said and done, is it really that simple, that if your opponent happened to follow one of these guides to the dot, that your only remaining option would be to type out GG and then follow it up by tossing your keyboard out?

The chase for the mythical ‘unbreakable’ strategy, number 9 in things holding you back in Dota.

“I told you to not fucking rush Radiance naked… it’s been 50 minutes, dude”

8. Everyone wants a cup of the soup

The creators of first person vods documenting flashy plays and top level dominance are not necessarily showing anything spectacularly new or brilliant. Instead, what they are doing is creating a product — geared first and foremost at gaining views and clicks. So when you click on that vod link and see the multi-million number in hits, remember, at car shows it’s about the models, in movies it’s about the celebrities, and in gameplay vods it’s about style. Without that, where would the views come from? Those who create these vods are fine, but those who blindly seek to reproduce what they see in these vods are in trouble — the 8th greatest thing holding you back in Dota.

7. An outdated, out of place nostalgia for past trends

As my late language teacher taught me, the ideas of “non-mainstream” and “counter-mainstream” are greatly different. “Counter-mainstream” is a derogatory term, commonly used to refer to those blind adherents to a certain bland, crude humor associated with a certain Korean culture (insert applause here). “Non-mainstream” is a neutral term, just as name brand Meters-Bonwe’s slogan declares: “Walk on the un-taken path, gain the feeling of flight”. “Mainstream” refers to those things that everyone knows, everyone understands, and everyone follows. This is why there are so many noobs and newbs on the servers perpetually, because they’re all following some outdated formerly mainstream style. With each patch version, Dota changes and shifts, yet people’s playstyles remain often unchanged. Only accepting the mainstream style, and thus becoming sealed in a cycle of non-innovation, ranks 7th in things holding you back in Dota.

6. Rebelling for the sake of it, impulsiveness

Since the mainstream isn’t working out for us, why not go opposite of it. In the minds of young people, things are black and white — if not A, then it must be B, thus mixing and ignoring the importance of certainty and uncertainty. The mainstream, despite any flaws that may arise with changes from each edition, is still the mainstream for a reason in that it must still have useful lessons within. There are still times when the mainstream style can be the strongest, and with some adjustments it can be a good starting point for any success. Yet, the complete rejection of the mainstream in favor of whatever isn’t mainstream is a sign of immaturity. Those that cover themselves in tattoos and piercings just to display how different they are from others are in actuality displaying only a lack of depth. “Oh, no one else goes Vanguard on Tidehunter? Then I will. Others don’t go HoD on Ursa? I will, then. Everyone else’s Tinker goes BoTs? Then I absolutely must go Phase Boots and Midas.”

What’s even scarier than this blindness it the loss of direction it rbings about. Such is in life, and the same is in Dota. Making strange item choices for the sake of being unique, number 6 in things holding you back in Dota.

5. In defeat, your opponent is your best teacher

Even though you’re beyond beastly, your teammates are of course simultaneously shit beyond belief. But a loss is a loss — your opponents showed that they knew how to avoid the tough bone that you presented, and instead go for the weak joint that was your teammates, and thus caused your teammates to drag you down with them. When things are going well, when everything’s going as planned, these are the types of games everyone knows how to play. Everyone can stomp noobs and feel good, flashy, and dominant. It’s the attitude that goes into playing those tough uphill games that is key — and it is right within these tough games that countless people miss out on their best learning opportunities. Dota’s greatest joys: mega comebacks is top, flashy play is second, long satisfying sessions being next, with going beyond godlike rounding out the top joys in Dota. And in order to pull off said mega comebacks, the sky must fall before it can be put back into place beyond all odds. Sadly, most people completely lack the guile, strength, and determination and thus the legend of the second Sacred Relic solidified its role in history.

Lacking the ability to properly accept and assess defeat, the 5th greatest thing holding you back in Dota.

4. Attitude, mentality

The fear is not godlike opponents, it is pig-like teammates. The fear is not pig-like teammates, it is the teammates that show off and play for attention (could be analogous to the Western concept of ‘tryhards’ who talk trash).

“Wang Mazi’s (ancient Chinese paper-cutting artist — hence the pun about cutting noobs) Divine Rapier, perfect for cutting noobs!” The next day on the forums, a thread crops up detailing some Radiant hero having a good game, building a Rapier, then losing to the Dire that held out for 70 minutes to come back.

Trying too hard to impress or express are signs of an incorrect attitude. Even if you’ve got high skill, with this attitude all you can achieve is to beat on some noobs; you’re bound to lose when facing strong opposition. Mentality, 4th in things holding you back in Dota.

3. The search for the ultimate solo

The search for the ultimate solo brings with it a plethora of conditions under which any given hero may be the best: at a distance of 900 units, no autoattacks, and see who wins — Necrolyte. With 6 Hearts of Tarrasque, an ult, and no movement allowed, who wins — Skeleton King. The point being that every hero in Dota can be number one in certain contexts. Dota, ultimately, is a tower-pushing game, the first to push their opponent’s base into ruins wins. In that process, a Crystal Maiden can carry, while your big late-game carry does nothing. You could get destroyed by Furion, or Techies, or insta-gibbed by a Vengeful Spirit. Dota is not all about finding that perfect hero, and when you’ve lost again with a seemingly ideal team composition, you should reflect on that.

The search for the ultimate hero is a production line for creating noobs, yet it only ranks 3rd in things holding you back in Dota.

“With this Quelling Blade, my dream of stomping ZSMJ is no longer unachievable”

2. Gods

What are gods? Gods are the main characters, the higher quality players in this game universe that IceFrog has created. The rest of us, we’re just the leftovers, the low quality toys. Countless people dream of one day becoming one of the gods in this game, yet something as miniscule as a small change in mechanics made by the creator, IceFrog, can strip away a god’s right to their power. In this game, there is only strong and weak, and anyone can be defeated at some point. Yet strength is a quality that cannot be defeated or brought down in itself. So those that can only copy, emulate, can thus never become the directors in their own act.

Even still, as long as there are enough people willing to be the subjects, there will be gods and kings. Mindlessly following the gods of this game, not finding one’s own style and skill — the aforementioned search for the ultimate hero creates noobs, while this adherence to god-culture creates puppets; the 2nd greatest thing holding you back in Dota is an over-reliance on the gods and trendsetters to direct your own play.

1. More overlooked than introspection is hard work, more overlooked than hard work is passion

Perhaps you’ve grasped countless mechanics, read up on thousands of tactics, techniques, and other posts. Perhaps you’ve even formulated your own comprehensive framework of understanding for the world of Dota, and coolly learned from and analyzed thousands of replays. Yet one thing remains true always: without practice, you can only go backwards.

The drop in quality of play from 2009’s first vods to currently is something that all can see. It’s not only limited to retired players — from when 820 switched between carry to support back to carry, he gradually found it hard to replicate his abilities of yesteryear. For many people who have gradually faded from Dota, what they’ve lacked is not technique or skill, more so it is time. For someone who lacks time to train, the stage of Dota is one that perhaps no longer suits them, or, at least for them it cannot any longer be a competitive game. Why do they play on, then?

Their reason is one that is different from many that still spend all their time and focus on Dota — or rather, grinding in Dota, on various platforms, for ranking and matchmaking points. The point score becomes the goal, and whatever playstyle guarantees the most points is the one that is pursued. Those that play Dota just for Dota are few and far between, and those that display true skill absent the judgment of an arbitrary matchmaking score are even rarer. How many can say they play Dota purely for the passion for the game itself?

Once you’ve achieved a high ranking score somewhere, does this mean you’re a pro, or high skill player? Since you aren’t, then what is the point? Number 1 in things holding you back in Dota, a lack of true passion for the game itself.



[fluff] What are they up to now? Retired pros SJQ/Crystal and 820 open a snack shop


We all know that SJQ/Crystal and 820 have had Taobao web shops, but until now they’ve been limited to selling computer peripherals. Now, it seems their business there has been good, and so after a period of discussion, they’ve expanded into the new territory of selling snacks and foods…

a kind of dried pork jerky

pistachios are very important

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Reddit user denunciator chronicles stars of the past: 820, 2009

Written and researched by reddit user denunciator, this deserves more views! Very informative, and great writing style too. Click the links below to see the main reddit posts, definitely worth it!

The Raven’s Vengeance: EH.820

GL was one of the earlier teams in the history of Chinese DotA; then, everyone was unknown, everyone played on the same ground. Even then, though, 820 was already known as somewhat of a talent. With team GL, they took the qualifiers of the first LAN even there, CPL, by storm. Proud, arrogant, GL expected their road to be easy.

It wasn’t. Kicked down in the semifinals by HUST, a relatively new team, GL went into the losers finals – a nobody position for such a stellar team. Shaken by the loss, 820 learned the value of respect and stability.


A genius in his time: FTD.2009

09’s story started somewhat differently than most competitive players; in fact, he was a perfectly ordinary teenager. At least, ordinary by his standards – in 2005, he graduated from a top highschool and entered Zhejiang’s Biomedical stream with flying colors. Just like pupils of his age, studies became a past-time; love and gaming came first. To impress his girlfriend, he took up O2Jam; it was only after his breakup that his DotA career took flight.




ZSMJ returning with an all-new team, alongside chisbug, 820, and more?


In the G-1 League match between TongFu and Flash, Chinese commentator 2009 revealed that ZSMJ is currently putting together a new team. The former supporters of LGD have devoted an amount of money to 830GOD, the goal being to create a new team. Involved are ZSMJ, Chisbug, and in addition they are trying to recruit 820, though he hasn’t shown much interest, so they’re also currently in contact with WE’s Jiejie and WE captain Luo. They’ve already been practicing together (video linkDire team is Chisbug, 830GOD, ZSMJ, Jiejie, and Luo from top down), and ZSMJ’s Steam account confirms, with over 111 hours in the past two weeks on Dota2. Added to all the previous rumors, we have reason to believe that the news of ZSMJ making a comeback to be true.

Sgamer interviews 820: “Not going back to EHOME… yet”

Dotaland note: 820 sounds noncommittal, but reveals that there are talks going on between him and EHOME about returning in some capacity… this, his thoughts on TI2 and more, below.


Sgamer (SG): Thank you to 820 for doing this interview with Sgamer. A while back you said in one of your videos that you might return to EHOME, approximately when was it that you got in touch with EHOME?

820: Someone mentioned it to me in passing, I said I’d consider it, but right now the whole thing is still missing some key elements.

SG: Even the news of EHOME moving headquarters to Shanghai isn’t accurate?

820: Like I said, everything hasn’t come together yet.

SG: Returning to EHOME is still in your consideration?

820: When did I say I was going back to EHOME? It really was just something I thought about…

SG: Not long ago, 357 and Dai both transferred to DK, so what kind of a situation is EHOME in right now?

820: Basically disbanded? Right now LanM is the only person left.

SG: As for whether you will take up the managerial/coach position at EHOME, is this news accurate?

820: We’ll have to see what developments and negotiations occur, there won’t be anything in the short term.

SG: What kind of feelings do you have for EHOME?

820: Of course I really love EHOME, after all they are the team that I went through much trials and tribulations with. All the details within are hard to describe now, so I will just wish EHOME luck!

SG: What do you think were the reasons for EHOME’s weak performance at TI2?

820: Unclear positioning and roles within the team, and individual skill was slightly lacking compared to other teams.

SG: There were once rumors saying that you would make a comeback to play in TI3, have you ever had these thoughts?

820: Where did these rumors come from. Yes, but they were just random thoughts.

SG: Dota2’s professional scene is pretty much all the same old faces, have you found any new players with good potential?

820: It’s hard, unless current players are willing to train and help new players, there is basically no chance for them. Unless a completely new team appears and takes the scene by storm!

SG: EHOME has pretty much fallen apart, how do you view the ACE Alliance versus EHOME situation now?

820: I feel that, the circle of people involved isn’t very large in the first place, so it would be best if we never had any divides such as this, no one has it easy.

SG: Previously you created a Dota2 first person vod, but didn’t get many views. Will you give up on creating content for Dota2 in the future because of this?

820: No, I will continue, but just not as much.

SG: Perhaps a lot of people do not necessarily view Dota2’s future positively, what are your views on this after your experience at TI2?

820: Dota2 is a game with very high production quality. But the only problem is that it’s too hard for new players to get in, and right now there is no open beta, so it’s not reaching the masses. TI2’s impression to me was that this game has really great spectator value.

SG: To end the interview, any last words?

820: Thank you to SGamer for the interview, and I hope SG continues to get better.

Legendary captain 820 to make a comeback as manager/coach and help EHOME rebuild?


Earlier, Replays.Net reported on the various pieces of upheaval surrounding EHOME (357 and Dai joining DK, KingJ leaving the club, LanM thinking about retirement).

But now, EHOME’s former captain, 820, has revealed in a video of his that he has been in contact with EHOME with regards to him coming back to lead the team and train new team members, with a club headquarters based in Shanghai.

In the video, at 4 minutes, 820 speaks of EHOME, and at 5 minutes he brings up the possibility of returning to EHOME in the role of manager/coach. In his own words, “As for me, I am considering it, because in this way I can come back to help, and train the next wave of new players. Though I don’t even know where to find these new players yet, I am still seriously considering this, because I really have love for EHOME!”

From these words, it’s not hard to see that 820 indeed has seriously considered the possibility of coming back to EHOME as a manager/coach, to the point that he’s even thought about where to find new players. As someone who is not known for acting impulsively, the fact that he has said so much on the matter fully displays his love for the club, and this all shows that it is very possible that he will come back to EHOME in some way to help them rebuild.