BurNing mini interview: “Didn’t expect to beat iG at WCG China, will retire after TI3”

Original: http://dota.sgamer.com/201210/news-detail-153339.html

Dotaland note: Short little interview with BurNing

In the recent WCG China area finals, DK faced iG and DK were able to achieve a good start in their opener, taking the win against iG! After the match, Sgamer’s reporters interviewed DK’s captain and carry player BurNing. BurNing revealed that he didn’t expect to beat iG, and that he would retire after TI3. Let’s check out the details~

SGamer (SG): Thank you to DK.BurNing for accepting our interview. DK just underwent roster changes, and went on to get a win over iG here at WCG China. Can you describe the process of this last match?

BurNing: We haven’t practiced Dota much recently, plus we have new members and lack understanding, so we thought it’d be very difficult to win, we never thought we could beat iG here.

SG: What were the considerations that led to Dai and 357 being recruited to DK?

BurNing: This was something we had considered immediately after TI2. We had a lot of people to choose from, and the reason we ultimately went with Dai and 357 was because teamwork and closeness is important to our team atmosphere, and these two players contribute to that.

SG: Playing both DotA and Dota2, are there any difficulties, and are there any differences for you all as professionals?

BurNing: The two games do have some differences. For example the way bottles interact with runes, in DotA you have to specifically use the bottle, in Dota2 you simply right click the rune. Dota2’s hotkey system is different as well, you can directly alter and customize them. For example 357 uses the QWER system, and during practice once, 357’s Tidehunter wanted to eat a tree, but the hotkey was on V, and he ended up using his ult… very awkward.

SG: This… what kind of situation was this?

BurNing: 357 hasn’t played DotA in two years, his ladder score isn’t even 1500!

SG: Does B god have any wishes for this WCG?

BurNing: For every competition our wish is to win, and this one is no different!

SG: At TI2, DK’s results weren’t great, do you have any plans and hopes for TI3? What are your plans for after TI3?

BurNing: TI3 is definitely something where we will give our all for success. As for myself, no matter what results I achieve, I will be retiring.

SG: You’ve been named one of the three best carries in the world, what do you think are the attributes that other carries can compare with you?

BurNing: I like Zhou and Sylar the most, although Sylar still lacks some experience right now, and Zhou trains relatively less so isn’t in the greatest form.

SG: Thank you to B god for the interview, we wish you all the best in your future competitions!

BurNing: Thank you!

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