Sgamer interviews 820: “Not going back to EHOME… yet”

Dotaland note: 820 sounds noncommittal, but reveals that there are talks going on between him and EHOME about returning in some capacity… this, his thoughts on TI2 and more, below.


Sgamer (SG): Thank you to 820 for doing this interview with Sgamer. A while back you said in one of your videos that you might return to EHOME, approximately when was it that you got in touch with EHOME?

820: Someone mentioned it to me in passing, I said I’d consider it, but right now the whole thing is still missing some key elements.

SG: Even the news of EHOME moving headquarters to Shanghai isn’t accurate?

820: Like I said, everything hasn’t come together yet.

SG: Returning to EHOME is still in your consideration?

820: When did I say I was going back to EHOME? It really was just something I thought about…

SG: Not long ago, 357 and Dai both transferred to DK, so what kind of a situation is EHOME in right now?

820: Basically disbanded? Right now LanM is the only person left.

SG: As for whether you will take up the managerial/coach position at EHOME, is this news accurate?

820: We’ll have to see what developments and negotiations occur, there won’t be anything in the short term.

SG: What kind of feelings do you have for EHOME?

820: Of course I really love EHOME, after all they are the team that I went through much trials and tribulations with. All the details within are hard to describe now, so I will just wish EHOME luck!

SG: What do you think were the reasons for EHOME’s weak performance at TI2?

820: Unclear positioning and roles within the team, and individual skill was slightly lacking compared to other teams.

SG: There were once rumors saying that you would make a comeback to play in TI3, have you ever had these thoughts?

820: Where did these rumors come from. Yes, but they were just random thoughts.

SG: Dota2’s professional scene is pretty much all the same old faces, have you found any new players with good potential?

820: It’s hard, unless current players are willing to train and help new players, there is basically no chance for them. Unless a completely new team appears and takes the scene by storm!

SG: EHOME has pretty much fallen apart, how do you view the ACE Alliance versus EHOME situation now?

820: I feel that, the circle of people involved isn’t very large in the first place, so it would be best if we never had any divides such as this, no one has it easy.

SG: Previously you created a Dota2 first person vod, but didn’t get many views. Will you give up on creating content for Dota2 in the future because of this?

820: No, I will continue, but just not as much.

SG: Perhaps a lot of people do not necessarily view Dota2’s future positively, what are your views on this after your experience at TI2?

820: Dota2 is a game with very high production quality. But the only problem is that it’s too hard for new players to get in, and right now there is no open beta, so it’s not reaching the masses. TI2’s impression to me was that this game has really great spectator value.

SG: To end the interview, any last words?

820: Thank you to SGamer for the interview, and I hope SG continues to get better.

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