[fluff] Chinese trolling in game… “what is this egg?”

Dotaland note: Fluffity fluff. Random convo I happened to catch in one of the Chinese chat rooms in Dota2, bit of light hearted trolling back and forth…

TT2: Right, people are always talking about some egg or another, what is this egg?

Mr.Black: If you die 100 times it’ll give you a courier

TT2: Where can I see my egg, and I don’t mean the ones I see when I look down

加班没有加班费: Eggs are for hatching new heroes..

加班没有加班费: Without eggs you can’t play new heroes

TT2: Eh, where can I see it then? Or, how do I acquire them

我爸刚弄死他: Oh fuck me, you are a bunch of cruel bastards

帅酷美少年: New heroes?

TT2: But… for me I can select all the heroes I see?

耍酷美少年: I can’t even laugh any harder

Mr.Black: There are hidden heroes of course

TT2: Enough… I’m serious here, I’m asking for help

帅酷美少年: Off you go then, just go play

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